Friday, August 18, 2017


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Donald Trump is friends with many, many people.  He knows the best people.  Smart people.  

I wonder what kind of person appears smart to a man like Trump.  We know that the tend to be shy, often avoiding media without a hood.  We know that many are bi-lingual, and that many have a fierce love for culture that magically resides in bronze statues.  

We also know, who aren't in Trump's circle of friends, as of today:

1. Steve Bannon is out.  No one is sure if this is a good thing, or if it matters.  Trump and Bannon basically created each other.  Why Bannon recently told a reporter that Trump and Kim were two blundering fools, and undercut Trump's foreign policy statement, is anyone's guess.

2. Sean Spicer
3. Reince Priebus

4.  No more job councils.  No more infrastructure council (which was formed by one of Trump's beautiful executive orders).  Why?  Why would they leave him?  
Because they have shareholders to answer to.  Who wants to explain to shareholders why they are working for a white nationalist? Not me!

What does this mean?  Well, it means that all those lovely announcements about companies bringing back jobs into America are going to be a much rarer occurrence.  Even to the extent they were genuine, and they were largely bullshit, Trump no longer has any capital to negotiate such deals with our heads of industry.  So that's a major agenda promise that Trump has made much more difficult because of his declining mental faculties and his desire to fight instead of lead.

5. After Trump confessed his love for white culture, coupled with his reviving a fake story about Gen. Pershing to promote illegal acts on Muslims, his generals have pretty much abandoned him. All five heads of the Armed Forces made a bold statement in denouncing racism, in response to Trump's embracing it.  Trump may love generals, but as of yesterday, none of them would bother to wipe their asses with his toupee. 

Trump really is isolated now, more or less.  I think this will mean more unbalanced behavior, more outrageous tweets, more anger, more dementia. 

Do I exaggerate? No. Not today.  

Here's something else to think about.  What does Trump do when the next KKK rally gets ugly?  When the next act of domestic terrorism is dumped on his doorstep?  How does a president, who has pissed away every last drop of his moral authority, address a moral crisis?  

The answer is, poorly.

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