Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Tell me.

Is it drafty?

Does it have a window?

Is it large?

How many will fit?

Can we bring our phones?

Here’s a photo of me being very quiet.

Here is one of you standing in the corner

away from the window.

If there is a window.

Will we pretend to post on Instagram? Facebook?


How long can we stay?

What are our odds?

Can you keep a secret?

Tell me.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Trump surrogates and Trump himself are trying to defend his comments, where he brags about his history of sexually assaulting women, by arguing that other people have said this or worse, and therefore we should not let his words stop us from voting for him.

I am a father of two daughters. The brother of one sister. The ex-husband of one spouse. I have a mother. So I'm trying to imagine what I would say to any of them, or to anyone else, if I was a Trump supporter.

I can't say "other people have said worse." That would just make me look like an idiot. I have a friend who says we need spics to cut our lawns. I know someone who says black people are animals.

If either of these two wanted to represent this country, would I defend them by saying there are people who use the word 'nigger' or people who believe all Hispanic women are whores? Would I be able to use that defense in a discussion with a black friend, or a Hispanic relative? No. I would not.

How would I tell my daughter that it is okay to elect a man who brags about sexually assaulting women as his birthright? Because he's a 'star'?

Can I say, "oh, it was a long time ago. He's not like that now?' No, I can't. First, 2005 was not a long time ago. What it was, though, was a long time after the establishment of equal rights for women, and the passing of laws against sexual discrimination. 2005 was yesterday. And you only have to go back less than one week in the news, to see that Mr. Trump has not changed. Whether it is his fat shaming of Ms. Universe, or Monday's article about Trump asking male Apprentice contestants if they would fuck female Apprentice contestants.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Are you a writer?  Are you a good writer? Are you a writer who writes flash fiction?  Do you want to make money doing it?   Then ignore that last question, and come play on the original Friday Flash Fiction competition!

Every week we'll have a new contest.  Everyone is given a word prompt on Tuesday, or Wednesday if I overslept, and they have until Friday to submit a 1,000 word or less piece of flash.  We vote over the weekend, and the winner gets bragging rights! Side bets are both illegal and encouraged. 

"No, I'll TELL you a story!"

"What's the catch," you ask?  Like I'm going to tell you.  Just click on the link below, sign up here:  RIGHT HERE!

Writing flash is fun, and a guaranteed way to overcome writer's block, start best selling novels, lose weight, and influence people! 

We'll start as soon as we have, let's say, seven people.  Unless we decide to start with less.  But hurry, this contest is limited to an unspecified number of people. 

Good luck!

Remember, Keep it short!