Monday, January 16, 2012

I've Been Reader

I recently browsed the CIA World Fact website, which gives information on every country in the world.  Like you, I was surprised to see that there are still plenty of people who haven't purchased "Inside My Shorts: 30 Quickies" .   I found this troubling, given the great press my book has received, and the recent thinness of my wallet.

Before you move on to more interesting blogs (oxymoron?), take a look what all the beautiful people are saying:

Splinker! [That's me]

You shocked me with this absolute class line - George was a piece of sandstone and life an unforgiving river. It was exceptional.  The stories may be a little on the dark side, but they still border on better than good. Well written and very well edited, it's a collection I'll be back to dip into [it] time and time again. - LizX

Oh my God,
The first one took my quite by surprise. Never expected it. had to stop reading cos its "under construction" but I can say this. You can tell a story. I don't like dark but this was good.

You're right Splinker, I LOVE Inside my Shorts!! Great short stories - subtle, consise and to the point, but with a delicious air of mystery. It's book I could read anytime, anywhere. Great stuff!  - Kate Grimes

Here's a link to a mixed review!  Short and Sweet

So, why are you still here?  Go buy it.  Revel in the phenomena that is me! Paradise Awaits!


  1. I like your humour, Splinx, but it's a shame it deserts you when you need it


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