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Someone else who isn't me: Interview with Tricia Drammeh

Hello Splinkervillians!   Today I am honored, touched (but you knew that) and excited to be interviewing Tricia Drammeh,  author of the just released The Claiming Words.

                                           B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Breadcrumbs!)

If you are getting the Deader Newsletter, then you know "Someone Else Who Isn't Me" will be a regular feature on this blog.  Also, you should probably change your e-mail address as I don't put out a newsletter.

Anyway, here we go!

Splinker:  First off, have you read "I've Been Deader," and how much did you love it?  

Tricia:  I did read “I’ve Been Deader” and I love it. How much? I’m a huge zombie fan and “I’ve Been Deader” is one of my favorite zombie books out there. It’s nice to see things from the zombie’s point of view and if you love sarcasm and humor, this is the book for you.

Splinker:  RIght.  Well, thanks for stopping by!  I think my readers got all their major questions answered.  Well done!

Tricia:  Er... 

Splinker:  Fine, fine.  Jeeze, the ego on some authors.  So, you wrote a book!  

Tell us about your current release.

Tricia:  My first novel, The Claiming Words, was just released. It’s available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s the first novel in a fantasy series for young adults. Here’s the backcover blurb:

When Jace moves to Oaktree, he attracts the interest of everyone in school, but only one girl captures his attention, or maybe two. Alisa is an outcast, but when she saves Jace from a Hunter, she finds herself drawn into a world of friendship and magic. Rachel has always felt different from everyone she grew up with until an encounter with the new student illustrates how unique she is. As dangerous forces descend upon the small southern town, each girl shares a special connection with Jace. Only one will win his love.

Splinker:  Girls with magic powers competing for the attention of Jace's love.   Reminds me of high school, except for the competing girls and magic part.  Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

Tricia:  I workshopped the book on Authonomy and met some very helpful, generous, wonderful people who were willing to read more than the few chapters posted on the site. Lisa Wiedmeier, Jacoba Dorothy, Keith Smith, and Tockica Jedna are the people who helped me out the most, though there are many, many others who gave me feedback

Splinker:  Really?  I had a book on Authonomy as well.  Maybe you heard of it.  It's a story about 

Tricia:  Yes, I believed I mentioned it up there somewhere.

Splinker:  I see.  It's all about you, is it?  Fine.   Have any suggestions for beginning writers? 

My grandma used to say, “Practice makes perfect,” and this is so true. Write often: blog, scrawl out bad poetry, write short stories…just write. Don’t expect your first draft of your first novel to be good. Chances are it will suck. Put it aside for a while. Re-read it. Re-write. Get lots of honest feedback (your mom doesn’t count). The important thing is to keep going and don’t give up.

Splinker:  At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Tricia:  I’d always thought about writing, but I was almost forty before I discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up—an author. I was thirty-nine when I started writing The Claiming Words.
Splinker: Is there one passage in your book that you feel gets to the heart of things.  Share if ya dare.    

“Poor human.” A tiny orange glow faded in and out, briefly illuminating Mordecai’s dark form.
“You scared the life out of me!” I exclaimed.
“If only it were that easy,” he chuckled. “Bryce’s little brother will never choose you, and if the Alexanders were honest, you would have known that. The male of our species craves the magic of the female—power you do not possess. He will never whisper The Claiming Words in your ear. Perhaps you should run along, now, and find someone of your own kind.” He threw his cigarette on the ground, crushed the butt under his boot, and left without another word.
What Mordecai said was true. I’d always known it in my heart. Rachel and Jace were bound together by more than love; magic created a bond of its own. Even before Rachel came along, I knew I wasn’t special. I’d never be more than who I was. Maybe Mordecai was right. Maybe I should find others like myself: boring, ordinary, non-magical humans.
There was nothing to do but go back inside. I sat stiffly at the edge of the loveseat and pretended to enjoy the New Year’s Eve Special. I stroked Whiskers’ soft fur absentmindedly. Mordecai’s stinging words reverberated in my ears, and I thought perhaps, he was right. No one would ever claim me. I would be doomed to spend eternity with only two-dozen cats to keep me company. My destiny as the Crazy Cat Lady beckoned, and I felt sorry for myself. 
                                                    "NO SPOILERS!!!"

Nicely done!  I mean, I don't see any zombies in it, but still.  Tricia, thank you for stopping by and much luck with the book.  

In the interest of full disclosure, Tricia did not provide me with a free review copy, of anything else for that matter.   I'm not saying that the review would have went better if I received a little bling.  I'll let future guests make that determination for themselves.

Tricia, you've been a real cheapskate -- I mean sport.  Websites, blogs, and funny youtube videos with kittens please. 

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  1. Well, this will be fun to review. The tone seems great and I like that you quoted your grandmother. I still do that today, even though I've become a grandmother myself. They're so wise, don't you think? Great interview, very clever and most interesting.

  2. Hi Joss, thanks for your comment. Yes, grandmothers rock. And, Adam, thank you so much for letting me invade your blog. Best of luck with I've Been Deader.

  3. My pleasure Tricia. I think you picked a great passage to showcase your story. Is that in the "inside flap"?


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