Monday, November 25, 2013

Splinker's Silver Lining

Hello Splinkervillians!  Believe it or not, this is a serious post. In these troubled times, when so many people seem to be doing things other than reading my books, it's a good idea, and a bit of a chore, to find a silver lining or two in life.

So today, I want to talk about two of the world's most beloved people -- Jews and Arabs!
Not just any Jew or Arab, but Israelites and Syrians!  Now, if you're like me, the phrase Jews and Syrians conjures up a very specific image.

OY! I'm the Jew! He's the Arab!

I'm the Jew.  He's the Arab!

NO!  I'm talking about bearded eternal enemies.  I mean, the chances of these two people making nice are less than the chances of you getting off Viagra's email list.  It ain't gonna happen.

Israel and Syria remain in a state of war with each other. Syria is in the middle of a civil war.  Israel is gearing up for a little fun in Iran.  I mean, the whole place is a mess. No way this is ever going to end well for any of us.  We're screwed.

We could sure use a silver lining. 

Don't despair, because I found one.  Apparently, the civil war in Syria is something of a health hazard for the people who live there. And their hospital system isn't what it used to be, and it used to be pretty bad!

So there's this place by the Israeli border where Syrian doctors or army men or whatever are bringing patients who are too sick to be treated in Syria.  Why? Because their mutual enemy (that's Israel) has patrols in the area and when they see a civilian (a/k/a 'person') in need of medical help, they take that person and bring them to an Israeli hospital.  There, Jews (a/k/a 'people') administer the best care they can to Syrians (again, a/k/a 'people').  According to the left-wing, propaganda wuss machine (a/k/a 'NPR Radio'), this has happened more than 177 times so far.

I bring this to your attention not because I think Jews are better or more caring or because I am particularly fond of Hummus.  I bring this up because sometimes I forget that people (a/k/a you and me) all have a little spark of holiness in them and that is something that I want to remember.  Almost as much as I want to remember where I put the car keys.

I mean, if you're hell bent on killing each other, there are worse ways to behave.

For you news junkies concerned about things like names of places and facts, Click Here.

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