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DAY 58 of the First #144k Minutes of Trump's Reality Show!

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DAY 58!: Trump still has not released his tax returns. Quick reminder: Until we know who Trump owes money too and who he gets money from, we can never know whether anything he does is sone for the benefit of him or us.  And it IS possible that the president may, at some point, some day, do something for the country.  

During yesterday's joint press conference with Germany's Angela Merkel, Trump stated that something along the lines of 'we're running a great company - country...'  To some, this little Freudian slip answers the question raised in the first paragraphs.


42 refugees were murdered when someone fired on their boat from Yemen.  Now they will never achieve their dream of being turned away from the U.S.  When you google this, you'll find out they were actually on their way to Sudan, but you get my point.

Yesterday we learned that between 19 and 40 innocent civilians were killed when the U.S. may or may not have bombed a mosque.  The U.S. denies it happened.  The dead people could not be reached for comment.  There's no reason to believe the military is not telling the truth.  After all, look at their commander-in-chief.

Yesterday was the deadline for the CIA, NSA, and FBI to explain to the leaders of the House Intelligence Committee (the people who oversee the CIA, NSA, and FBI, or in other words, the people who the CIA, NSA and FBI answer to), to explain how they came into possession of the records showing that Trump's foreign agent, Michael Flynn, was talking to Russia about lifting sanctions.  The CIA and the FBI ignored the request.  They can't do that.  Absolutely. Can. Not. Do. That.  

The NSA at least returned the phone call and said they'll have something by next week.  

Trump continues to hold on to some degree of credibility on the world stage, as he has yet to walk on stage with his fly undone or sporting a milk mustache. Other than that....
      - He refused to shake Merkel's hand, unless it was on his own terms.
      - He doubled down on his lie that Obama wire tapped his phones, and tried to make Merkel
         a co-conspirator by joking that they had something in common (Merkel actually was 
         spied on by the Obama administration.  The act wasn't unusual, but getting caught was 
       - He denied that having his bitch secretary, Sean Spicer, validate his lie by reading an                     opinion by a "very smart lawyer" on Fox, that British intelligence wire tapped Trump for           Obama, meant that Trump believed any of it or endorsed it.  (He just read it at a WH                   press briefing, that's all) 


Now, since Tillerson refused to take the press pool with him when he travelled to Asia to announce that the U.S. will consider pre-emptive military action against N. Korea if warranted, we don't really know what's going on over there.  But whatever it is, we now know that Tillerson can speak, and that maybe he shouldn't.


Tillerson's statements are not sitting well with China.  Anytime we put bullets or THAAD missile defense systems in that area of the world, China views it as an act of aggression.  So we'll see how that goes when Rex visits the Chinese today.  Or maybe we won't.  Because, you know, no press.


I don't know about it.  Ask uncle Ralph.  I'm sure it's Obama's fault.

So far, it is only getting one kind of press.  Bad.  There are two reasons for this.  First, it's a bad plan.  Like really, bigly bad.  At this point, it isn't even pretending to be a good plan.  

Second, Trump has not used his Jedi mind tricks to sell it.  He's not focusing on it.  He's not using his crappy negotiating skills to any effect, and he is certainly not marketing it effectively. This may be because he doesn't want to be blamed for it, or because it doesn't do anything he promised healthcare reform will do, or because he doesn't view Paul Ryan as an ally.  It may simply be because Bannon is still working to destroy Paul Ryan, along with the "administrative state."  Next to Jews, blacks, immigrants, muslims, and hygiene, Bannon hates no one more than Paul Ryan.  

The House is trying to vote on the TrumpCare bill Thursday.  I think everyone, including them and (especially) the senate, are hoping it doesn't pass.

Trump's proposed budget comes with deep cuts to the guys and gals who fix our roads, bridges, airports, trains and all that other crap that is turning to shit.  These cuts are a little different from Trump's campaign promise to spend about a trillion dollars on our failing infrastructure. 

Judge Gorsuch starts his confirmation hearings Monday.  But program your DVRs, because we also start the hearings on the Russian act of war during and possibly after the U.S. election and what ties, if many, Trump's campaign had to the Russian act(s) of war.


When he was just a little congressman, Secretary of HHS Tom Price had a fun hobby.  He would buy or sell medical company stocks days before he was to vote on legislation that would affect those companies.  That is one interesting hobby.  It was especially interesting to former U.S. Attorney Bharara, who was apparently investigating Tom Price for those actions.  

You remember U.S. Attorney Bharara.  He's the guy that, in January, Trump asked to stay on.  The guy who agreed to stay on.  The guy who, when Trump found out was launching a criminal investigation into Tom Price, was fired.  

That guy.

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