Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Facts about "I've Been Deader"

1. After my second round of "final edits," the manuscript contained the word "slowly" in twenty-seven places. I have cut them down to eleven.

2. After going on an adverb hunt, the manuscript is now 409 words lighter.

3. I did not delete adverbs for adverb's sake, but found that they they tended to congregate in groups and repeat themselves. Much like people at office holiday parties.

4. I intend on submitting "I've Been Deader" in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest, assuming no better offers pop up between now and next week (HINT HINT).

5. I will be adding a few more chapters from "Jenny's Journal" throughout the novel. My intent at the moment is to make Jenny the protagonist of the third book.   Her first two entries can be read here in the archived blogs.

6. Except for one or two very minor, borderline subplot holes, the story is nice and tight and follows the rules of the "I've Been Deader" universe. This was a nice surprise.

7. The book received a lot of positive feedback on,, and elsewhere, back when it was unfinished and filled with errors. It's much better now and I have no doubt that your collective jaws would drop if you got your sweaty hands on a copy of "I've Been Deader," a near perfect blend of horror and comedy."

8. The prequel, 'Take A Breather," is darker and cranks up the tension factor quite a bit.  

9. "I've Been Deader" generated 636 comments on Authonomy, inspired the now famous "I've Been Deader, the musical" thread, became the source of several poems and unsolicited mentions on forums and people's blogs, for which I am grateful.

10. That's it. Not every list has to have exactly ten things to it.

11.  Both "I've Been Deader" and "Take A Breather" started out as short stories -- flash fiction really.  I write quite the short story.  Don't believe me?   See for yourself.  The first two stories can be previewed for free.
 The good stuff is going to cost you.

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