Sunday, January 22, 2012

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My collection of short stories is available for download.   If you are like me, you enjoy doing things that make me happy, and nothing will make me happier than knowing you paid good money for my book.   You will find Inside My Shorts a little dark in places, but if you look long enough, you'll find youself saying "this is funny!". Don't worry, I'm used to that. I figure, it happened to me all the time in college, at least now I can get paid for it. So, please, don't neglect my shorts. For less than $3.00 -- $2.50 if we're in Bangkok, I promise to show you a good time. Like in-laws and and bad pennies, my stories like to stick around long after you're done with them, so take a look Inside My Shorts. They're dark, dirty in some places, and good for a laugh.   You can buy me here:   No one has to know.  It will be our little secret.   Thanks!

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