Monday, January 2, 2012

Stop using the "F" Word!

Did I wake up in commie Russia? Again??  No wonder the coffee tastes terrible.  

I don't consider myself old-fashioned, a prude or a woman trapped inside a man's body, but I just don't get why so many writers are willing to take their hard earned work and give it away for free.  If only Wanda Markman, my high school prom date, had that attitude!

                      "Hey baby.  You look like a 'hard'cover reader ;)."

I can understand giving away sample chapters, the occasional short story, and the ever loving self-promotional blog post, disguised as as free entertainment.  ( ).

What I don't understand is the unhealthy drive of so many writers to get their book up the "Freebie" charts.  Yes, I've heard stories of books that were downloaded for free in the tens of thousands, and then the author's next book sold for big bucks.   I just don't know if these stories are true, or, if like Charlie Sheen's memories, largely made up.

While I believe it might be possible to transform free into money, I think the driving force behind a writer's decision to give it away (Oh Wanda, why couldn't you write?), is more a matter of ego and lack of confidence. We're afraid no one will pay for our work and we're desperate to have people tell us how good we are.   Again, by "we," I mean "me."

But lately, I have come to believe that eating trumps ego.  I want people to pay for my work.  Not just "I've Been Deader," a near perfect blend of horror and comedy (agents and publishers and stalkers willing to buy me dinner can reach me at, or for my amazing collection of horror, comedy and romance shorts, now available for $3.00 here: 

but for everything I write.   I'm not even sure I want to post this blog, knowing that you might accidentally find entertainment in this thinly veiled attempt at self-promotion.  Did you get a chuckle from the title?  A giggle in the middle?   If so, you got it for FREE!  

Enough already.  I want you all to close those laptops, turn off your Ipads! Put away your pens and paper!  Open your doors, open your windows, open your wallets! 

Go outside and shout.  Shout to the world:  "I'm literate as hell, and I'm not going to give it away anymore!


  1. Yup - you're right - writers should think twice about giving away their souls for free (even if they are thinly disguised as books). Other artists don't. Would you go to a Doctor who was "giving away" free plastic surgery? You'd probably think twice about that.

  2. I am glad you agree. Please send $1.25 to cover the cost of this blog post.

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