Friday, January 6, 2012

Zombie Poems For Naughty Children

Some poems to delight and fright :)


A zombie came a knocking,
came a knockin' on my door.

"Go away, go away, I've no brains to share today!"

He kept scratchin' and a nippin'
My flesh he tried to rip in.

"Go away, go away, I've no brains to share today!"

But he kept groaning and a moanin',
on a bone he was a gnawing.

"Go away, go away, I've no brains to share today!"

At last he turned and went,
but one last time I had to vent.

"Go away, go away! I've no brains to share today!"

Now I'm alone and that's a fact.
I miss you zombie, please come back!



I dug a grave all fresh and new,
a granite tombstone, just for you.
I put you under late today.
Now I pray that you will stay.


A Woman's Work Is Never Done

The one on the couch, I cut off his head.
I bashed another in her bed.
A pointed stick that was a broom,
impaled one more in the living room.
 Now to the basement with my gun,
just one quick shot and  housecleaning's done!


All alone and safe in bed,
No one can hurt me, 'cause they're all dead.
I used lots of lime, now their out back.
Oh no! The closet's open just a crack.

There's nothing there (they can't come back),
No leering eyes, or dirty claws,
No bloody knifes in dresser draws.
For killing dead, I have a knack,
but now it's open, just a crack.

Just a crack, but not a sound,
'cause what's dead is dead and under ground.
I didn't hear two hangers ding,
I didn't hear a blessed thing.
'cause they're dead, and dead don't come back,
but still, it's open,

Just a crack.


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