Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reborn on the Fourth of July!

"I've Been Deader" has been published by Taylor Street Publishing and is available for download for kindle and etch-a-sketch.

What does this mean to you?  How should I know.  Other than the fact that you get a whole lot of undead goodness for 99 cents.  I mean, what's wrong with these guys?   I was charging four dollars and doing fine.  Now that I have a publisher, the cost goes down to less than a buck?  What am I, another item on the McDonald's kiddie menu??  Click Here

I mean, now the book is properly edited, entering an intense marketing campaign, and incurring all kinds of additional costs, and the price goes down to $.99???   This is a great book, not Waterworld!  Or Here

(Not THAT zombie!)

So here's the deal.  Because I am a giver by nature, I'm already writing the prequel.  I don't believe my readers should be kept waiting for entertainment and who knows when Charlie Sheen is going to have another meltdown.  That means it is up to me. 

But writing is a social contract.  I agree to keep it doing it and you agree to keep ripping me off and paying .99 cents for my blood, sweat and various other bodily fluids that have spattered my monitor while writing or doing other things.  

                                                    (That's better.  Still me, but better)

So don't delay, pay today.   Feel free to read it as well, if you're one of those kind of people.   And don't forget to leave honest, but glowing reviews on 

You're welcome.

Are you kidding me? Click already!


  1. Well blow me down with a feather, you've talked me into it!!
    I'm gonna do it, yessiree, I'm gonna pay that money, download it on my Kindle, read it through and then.... oh, I've lost interest now.
    Damn, and it was going so well too...

    1. Thank you for your fading interest. You will be missed.


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