Monday, November 12, 2012

The Anthology of Special Snowflakes!

Everyone is special.  But no one is as special as a writer. And no writer is as special as me.  I am the specialist special snowflake ever.  But being so unique is a lonely life.  


 "I Hear Ya!"

If you're a writer who has ever made a mistake on the Amazon forums, chances are you've been gang banged by the forum regulars.  Maybe you deserved it, maybe you didn't.  Maybe you even like it, you sick, little twist.

                                                    "You can't make me read!"

Or maybe, just maybe, you want to tell your side of the story.  No, I don't mean why you're right and they're wrong.  I mean a story.  Like a short story.

That's why I'm volunteering to put together "The Anthology of Special Snowflakes."  If you are a maligned writer and want to appear in the anthology, which will be made available as a free download, drop me an email at  Please put "Snowflake" in the subject line and let me know, briefly, how you got on the wrong side of the forum.

I'll be accepting short stories until I feel we have enough.

If you aren't a maligned writer but want to appear in the anthology, go get maligned.  There's still time.

I will do some light editing when necessary and will not include any stories that have been edited, etc., unless I have your permission. 

So, if you really are a special snowflake, jump on the bandwagon.  Let's have some fun. 

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