Sunday, December 2, 2012

Someone Else Who Isn't Me: Interview With M.A. McRae

Hello Splinkervillains!

Like all writers of zombie fiction, I'm just counting the days to the apocalypse.  According to the Mayan calendar, WallMart might as well start paying the employees a decent wage!

I plan on spending my last days eating Twinkies and -- What?  That's insane!  How can you have an apocalypse without Twinkies? A sock puppet cannot live on SPAM alone!  I mean, what's the point. I might as well pack it in and let someone else talk.

Whoah!  Relax, I was getting to you.

M.A. McRae is great writer who also happens not to be me. Despite this, she's managed to muddle on in life, writing stories, running down sandy beaches, and doing all those wonderful, exotic things we writers spend all our free time doing.

  Is it Saturday night already????

Welcome Marj!  Thanks you so much for stopping by today.  As you know, I've prepared a three page list of questions so we can all learn as much about you, your private life and your books, as possible.We're all dying to hear about your latest book, so let's get to it!

First off,  have you read “I've Been Deader,” and how much did you love it? 
Terribly sorry, Splinker, but my too-literal mind means that I see the pictures as you tell them, and I cringe. Others find your zombies funny. I shudder from them. Even some of the pictures on your blog page have me averting my eyes. Just a wimp, I guess.
But after all, fair’s fair. You didn’t -- 

Oh no! It seems that the internet is broken and we won't be able to give you the rest of M.A. MCrae's interview after all. I do apologize. Please feel free to enjoy these pictures of bunnies while we try to fix the problem:



Well, thank you everyone!  Come back again and -- Oh, all right.  Fine. Er, oh look, the internet was unplugged.  Fixed it.  Let's continue!

McRae:  Thank you.  As I was saying, after all, fair's fair.  You didn't my Shuki stories either, did you?  ‘Not a Man,’  my book about a eunuch, may have acquired some devoted fans and rave reviews, but there are also comments such as ‘difficult to read,’  ‘challenging’ and ‘intense.’

No Zombies?  Two Stars!

So now I’m going to shout about my recent releases – two books much lighter in tone and only about 300 pages rather than over 500 pages. Even the sex has been firmly placed ‘off-screen.’  A brand new release of not one, but two brand new books.  

Angel No More:  Bob has had some real highs and lows in his life. He’s a bit of a mystery when he arrives at Penwinnard – he refuses to talk of his history and he gives what the police are sure is a false name. But there are his friends left behind when he escaped, the ones still sentenced to death once they get too old for their purpose. So he tells the police a story – a story that ‘someone’ told him. According to him, he was never there, his name is Bob.    

 'You Gotta Have Manners.' The second Penwinnard Story centres on a young child, young Sidney Sneddon, orphaned, who sets his heart on earning himself a new family. Bob features in this story as well. Sid has to learn manners, and Bob’s the one who looks as if he could sit down to dinner with the queen and not look out of place. Sid learns from his hero, but also, he saves his life, and suddenly, the shame of being rejected for adoption no longer stings as much.

 The Penwinnard Stories are projected to be a collection of six books set in a Boys’ home in Cornwall. They are fiction, and while for many of the boys, there is a background of abuse and neglect, this is not what my stories are about. They are about the boys -  resilient, tough, sometimes far from docile, doing the best they can with the cards that life has dealt them.

The release date for these two new books on Amazon was set at 30th November, but now it’s 30th November, and it appears that they may not appear nicely linked to the author name and my other books as they should be. One can always look for them, of course, and the paperbacks are there. But if ‘Angel No More’ stays stubbornly invisible, simply find it on Smashwords.
Links to find my books:  Also available on Amazon and other online selling sites.
And a link to my blog:

And oh yes, the questions -
How did you start your writing career?
Tell us about a favorite character from a book.
Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
Does travel play in the writing of your books?...

And all that. Sorry, I’ve ignored your questions. Just like a politician – I only told you what I want to tell you.

Me: Nobody likes a comedian.  

Well, there you have it. If you're one of those weirdos who like your books zombie-free, give M.A. McRae's new tomes a try.  You could do a lot worse. Feel free to leave comments, small gifts and karma below!

M.A., thanks for stopping buy!


  1. Thank you Splinker. And even though we all know that every book should have zombies, I also know that brussel sprouts (!) are supposed to be good for me. Even fish oil!
    And I take no notice of those either.
    So every one who likes zombies, read Splinker's book, and those who like dramas that are not romances or thrillers, try mine. :)

  2. Another insightful Splinkerview. Glad to learn that you have been exercising your writing muscle further, M.A. McRae. Mr Splings, I hope Amazon is thoroughly exhausted by yours :) x


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