Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Diary: November 7, 2013



It's me!!!   Remember when I said that I'd talk about relationships today?  Well, you'll never guess what happened!

Right after I finished my orange ice pop, guess who called?
Give up??

Sandy!!!  She's so pretty and sweet.  I could just eat her up.  She wasn't in the eating up mood though, that's for sure.  She was upset about her Kitty.  Apparently, Mr. Mittens had gone missing a few days ago and she wanted to know if I had seen him.  HA! 
I don't think Mr. Mittens remembered his mittens!

 Anyway, I told her I hadn't seen Mr. Mittens, because the key to a good relationship is to build trust and I don't think Sandy would trust me very much if she looked in my freezer! 
So I asked her to come over and we could make "Lost Kitty" posters.  And she said...
My first date since my release! Yay!!!   I'll tell you how it went tomorrow diary.  But I think it will just have to be our secret, okay?  OKAY?  Okay.

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