Thursday, November 7, 2013

Splinker's Poetry Slam

I agree!  Poetry is boring.  No one reads it.  It serves only one purpose.  To get the attention of scantily clad women!

So here's hoping you are scantily clad, or at least clean shaven! 

Today's Heartbreaker:

The last sunny day

I remember.
The air -  cool, clean;  a hint of wood smoke.
So many colors.  So bright I could almost hear them.
And that smile, the one everyone talks about?
It was just more than usual that day.

I remember how when the cold, autumn wind died down,
the sun's warmth came flooding back, like the tide,
and I had to smile.

Then seeing you, so close.  Happy.  I smiled more.
I grinned like an idiot on that last sunny day.

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