Saturday, November 16, 2013

Splinker's Poetry SLam!!: Another Deadly Sin.

Hello?  Hellloooo.....  Despite my theory  it appears that poetry, at least my poetry, acts as a deterrent to scantily clad women.  Oh well. Thank God I'm a sock puppet.  I'll always have each other.

As I was writing another excellent chapter of "Take A Breather," the prequel to "I've Been Deader," a near perfect blend of horror and comedy, it occurred to me there might be a few hotties just waiting for that next poem.  That must be it!  They don't want to throw themselves at me too early.  That's understandable.  Deciding whether you want Splinker now or if you can wait a little while and have Splinker and another poem; I don't envy everyone who is struggling with that question. 

Allow me to ease and increase your suffering with...



I will take my satisfaction later,
maybe after you are restored.

For now I am done with moving,
and I will rest my mouth here,
and here
      and here.

Don't move.
Don't disturb my lazy adventure,
I beg you.
Let me rest my weary hands here,
and here
      and here.

You are charged, electric.
You are tension and need,
but I am molasses, floating in amber.
So let me rest my weary body here;
      always here.


  1. Phwoar!!! If I wasn't already married I'd throw myself at you based on that poem alone. But you would be flattened - I'm not the sylphlike creature I once was. ;)

  2. Don't disturb may lazy adventure, - teeny typo I think but otherwise very nice indeed. psst - psst - you awake - hey are you awake - oh well, shrugs and turns the reading light on.

  3. Thank you Diane and ANonymous (if that IS your real name).


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