Monday, November 18, 2013

Splinker's Seven Deadly Sins: Number 5!!!!!

I'd like to thank the following scantily clad women for responding to my poetry the way Nature intended:

But I'm not concerned, because I still have two deadly sins to go and I've got a warm, fuzzy feeling about this next one.  I'd ask you ladies to try to contain your excitement, but we all know that's not going to happen!  Because the gloves are off.  I purchased a whole new bag of adjectives from Ebay and I'm not going to leave any out.

Read it again, baby!

Be careful not to pop any buttons while tearing your clothes off, as I give you ...


Gifts surrendered in the dark,
you give me everything.
"More."  A whispered command disguised as request.
I take you again.

You are soft and yielding,
a hot cocoon, my place of transformation.
But I am hard and demanding. 
Obsessed and blind to the world,
a slave to my needs.

The weight of desire, always unquenched,
drives me to my knees;
at once your supplicant and master.

My battle cry, a whisper.

and you do.
and you will.
and I will always want more.


  1. OMG - my clothes are in a heap on the floor now ... what happens next?

  2. That's it! Mission accomplished.

  3. You are perhaps the best writer to which my eyes have wander

  4. I took my clothes off before so I wouldn't have to stop reading!

    I think I'll have my guy read this to me before bedtime:)

  5. Sigh. I do all the work and other boys get all the play. :)
    Thank you much!

  6. A passionate poem - very exciting! Tessa

  7. Blimey - Splinks - take it easy - you're not completely recovered yet!!

  8. My various parts are recovering in alphabetical order.

  9. Don't I get a comment? (Mine of 3:07 AM yesterday.) You replied to Diane and others here. Tessa

    1. I was hoping you would tell us just how exciting it was.


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