Thursday, March 9, 2017

DAY 49 ! #144k

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Trump still has not released his tax returns. He did get about a billion trademarks granted by China. But that doesn't mean anything. And there is the very real possibility that he is shorting the market (betting it's going to go bad) on the advice Carl Ichan, the only man who still wears their friendship bracelet from summer camp.  Is Trump making policy decisions based on his portfolio? Maybe.  On the bright side, Bizzaro World Trump put all his holdings in a blind trust, so there aren't any ethical concerns in uncle Ralph's universe. 


"A" is also for AARP and AMA, two groups who came out against the Republican's first attempt to repeal and replace the ACA.  This is troubling, because Paul Ryan, Sean Spicer and my uncle Ralph have made it clear that the ACA is going to collapse faster than George R.R. Martin's upcoming mini-marathon challenge.

They're not the only people who are upset easier.  Around 10 pages of the 100 page bill focus on how winning the lottery will impact your right to healthcare. Or as Sean Spicer referred to the section, "Plan B."

TRUMPCARE is going to be a hard sell. Lots of Republicans don't like it for lots of reasons.  A few point out that in 2015 they sent a bill that simply repealed Obamacare, and that EVERY Republican supported the bill.  SPOILER ALERT: It's easy to support something when you know it won't be passed.  It's like taking your date to White Castle and yelling at the cashier for not having steamed broccoli.  You might impress your girlfriend (SPOILER ALERT: You won't), and you won't have to worry about getting what you asked for.

Sean Spicer tried to explain how President Trump can state that he learned that Obama wiretapped Trump's phones and changed the clock timer on his microwave, while at the same time assuring us that Trump has no reason to believe that he is the subject of any investigation.

"I'm being wiretapped and no one is investigating me" is not an easy thing to prove, and for Spicer it was not even an easy thing to say.  One of his people had to actually hand him a note during the press conference to remind him to say "Trump does not believe he is under investigation." 
Spicer's comment demonstrated renewed confidence in the President, as most people close to him have already confessed they have no idea what he believes.

The Steel dossier is still unverified.  That's the report that sparked a lot of the calls for investigations into Trump's alleged but very real collusion with Russia to help Trump win the election.  Over the past week, two key aspects of the report have been confirmed:

1. The Trump campaign originally said it had nothing to do with "softening" the plank of the GOP platform that called for providing assistance to Ukraine in their attempt to take Crimera back from Putin. Paul Manafort said absolutely no one in the Trump campaign had anything to do with it.  Trump promised Geroge Stegosaurus that he knew nothing about the Republican Platform, that he heard something about it, and that he'd look into it.  Well, an adviser on his campaign has come out and said, the campaign was responsible for getting that provision removed, and that Trump instructed them to make sure it happened.  It is the ONLY thing about the GOP platform that Trump concerned himself with.  So, you know.  Anyway, this part of the Steel dossier is now confirmed.

2. The Putin diplomat who was in charge of paying off all those internet trolls who helped hack the campaign, was recalled to Russia for reasons that are a mystery to people who aren't thinking.  

The Steel report itself, concludes that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with Russia, and that it colluded with Russia to steal the election.  This last part is not verified.  The golden showers are not verified.  Everything else...

Russia isn't done with us.  If you were to pick two things Putin hates most about America, they would be The State Department and Hillary Clinton.  And maybe American vodka.  The State Department is responsible for keeping the U.S. position as the leader of the West.  When people take to the streets against Putin, you can bet the State Dept. is applauding or behind it.  When Russia holds sham elections, it's the State Department that let's the world know, especially if Hillary Clinton is secretary of State.

So what did Russia get out rigging our election?  Well, Rex Tillerson.  Our current Sec. of State never met Trump before being offered the job, and he  is by far, Putin's closest American friend and ally.  So, as reported on Rachael Maddow, if there's one thing Putin wants to see for a return on his Trump investment, it's a dismantling of the State Dept.

But the only way that could even possibly start to happen, is if Rex fired all the long time institutional employees who know how to run State, didn't bother hiring a Deputy Sec. of State, and didn't say boo when Trump proposed cutting the State Dept. budget by 37%.

This is a whole new animal from Trump colluding with Russia to win the election.  This is Russia currently controlling major aspects of the U.S. government.

With every passing second, it becomes crystal clear that we need not only an independent commission to investigate Russia and Trump's action before the campaign, but also an independent commission to investigate Russia's CONTINUED INTERFERENCE in government and Trump's collusion in that as well.

But so far, everyone in charge of investigations into Russia, are people who were closely involved in the Trump campaign.  So, we'll see.

Sen. Mitch McConnel stated flat out that whatever we build between us and Mexico, (and he doesn't believe it will be a wonderful wall), Mexico WILL NOT be paying for it.  Sorry Canada.  Looks like you'll have to pick up the check this time. 

My book, "144k. The first minutes of the Trump Presidency," will be available as an ebook sometime after day 100.  I'll be adding a bit here and there.  Quite a bit, actually.  So if your kid loses a tooth between now and then, maybe the tooth fairy only gives them a dollar instead of five.  Share the wealth.

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Good Morning!

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