Friday, March 10, 2017

DAY 50: Of The First #144k Minutes of Trump!

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We are exactly half way through Trump's first 144,000 minutes! Rumours continue to circulate in various media that the president will actually be here for at least 4 years. I guess that depends on whether you are a "cyanide capsule is half full or half empty" kind of guy.  

President Trump still has not released his tax returns or the contents of his last three meatloaf dinners and half a bucket of KFC.

Good job numbers are expected to be released today (UPDATE: 235,000).  So that's good.  These are the same numbers that candidate Trump alleged were rigged, and a lot less orange than he believed them to be, but it's still good.  Trump is lucky enough to have been put in office while the economy was firing on all cylinders. 

Illegal border crossings are down sharply.  That may be because of Trump's policy, or it may be because Speedy Gonzalez, Mexico's number one smuggler, did a lot of work in bringing people over the border before Trump took office and there isn't the same demand now as then.
Have a Methtastic Day!

1. Our Man Flynn. Trump's former national security adviser, and the only man known to successfully masturbate and scream about Corrupt Hillary at the same time, was a registered foreign lobbyist for Turkey. If you were passed out from Mexican Meth during civics class, this means Flynn was paid a lot of money to promote the interests of Turkey.  

I've done a LOT of research on this issue, and I agree with most experts in foreign policy that Turkey is NOT the United States.  

Turkey wants us to deliver to them some poor guy living in Pennsylvania. Turkey's president, a man named something that would require additional Google work on my part, blames this guy for inciting a recent coup attempt in Turkey.  Of course, that guy blames a lot of people, including hundreds of Turkish judges, who may or may not be in Turkish prison. So, you know.

 Anyway, we know Trump still believes Flynn is a wonderful guy.  And we know Flynn was a paid foreign operative during his tie with the Trump campaign.  Does that mean Trump may agree to turn this guy over to the Turkey guy?  Who knows?

SNAPPLE POLICY: Some believe the Trump Administration had to have known their Nat. Sec. Advisor was a foreign agent.  But don't forget, just the other day the State Department confirmed in a press briefing that it was unaware that Mexico's foreign minister was meeting with Jared, Cohen, Trump and others.  I mean, the State Department can't be expected to know everything!

2. FBI Director Comey went on a field trip yesterday to Capital Hill, meeting with the gang of eight and discussing, I assume, President's Trump tweet announcing that he just found out Obama was born in Kenya.  Sorry, I meant Trump's tweet that he just found out Obama was the founder of ISIS.  No, no.  Trump's tweet saying he just found out that Obama wiretapped him during the campaign, in a move that is both Mccarthysim and Watergate.  Unfortunately for Trump, the country is in the process of getting to the bottom of this and Trump's collusion (alleged) with Russia to hijack the 2016 election.  Unfortunately for the truth, The head of the DOJ and the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, were all major players in the Trump campaign, so they are investigating themselves.

Comey will need to give some clarification on the apparent link between a Trump server and a Russian bank, and why so many in Trump's administration lied about their contacts with Russian operatives/diplomats.
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1. Collusion? What Collusion?
Aside from mounting evidence of connections between Trump and Putin, we need to keep our eye on the State Department.  That is not an easy thing to do, because it keeps getting smaller every day.  Rex Tillerson still has no Deputy secretary. The State budget is being slashed by 37% and the Sec. of Defense has responded only by painfully smiling for a photo shoot.  

The Human Rights Report, historically the major State Dept. talking point, was released as a penny-flyer insert last week.  No press conference.  No statements from Tillerson.  No comment.

The State Department is THE department that coordinates all the shit the U.S. needs to keep itself as a leader of the West.  It's also the one thing Russia can't stand about us.  Don't believe me? Ask the former Sec. of State.  Putin hated her so much, he put a guy in the White House who is willing to "deconstruct the government." Well, he put two guys in the White House, if you include Trump and not just Bannon.

I was going to put up a webpage keeping track of Trump's Russian connections, but I don't have the necessary bandwith.  But we're in luck! A politician did it for us.  Give it a click! RussianHugs

Pruitt, the mentally challenged climate denier that is in charge of the EPA, confirmed that we need a lot more research before we can conclude that carbon dioxide plays a major role in Climate Change.  
But he apparently doesn't think we need scientists to do that.  The proposed budget cuts to the EPA require laying off thousands of employees, and that means scientists!  The EPA website itself is removing all references to Climate Change.  

I feel cooler already.

That's my 15 minutes.  Tomorrow, I'll focus on TRUMPCARE a little more and maybe even talk a bit about Russia.

Don't forget to keep your eyes open for 144K, my entire take on the first 144,000 minutes of the Trump presidency.  It will be essential reading for anyone who needs some ammo to shout down crazy uncle Ralph at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

It's 8:28 a.m.
Good Morning!

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