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DAY 67: The First 144k Fun-Filled Minutes of Trump

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DAY 67: 
Breaking News: Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns.  If he did, we would know more about who pays him (Russia) and who he owes money to (Russia). 

That's true.  The president promised to do this on day one, although often he changed that promise to "immediately."

We feel you pain, America. 
Still, if you want to put lipstick on a pig, you can say Trump dodged a bullet. The replacement bill would have crushed the poor and helped the rich. That wouldn't have looked too good for a president who really GETS the people and particularly, his blue collar voters.

Freedom Caucus isn't Free
Rep. Ted Poe is out.  He quit the Freedom Caucus.  They are a party of "no," He thinks they should have been willing to compromise on TrumpCare.  The Freedom Caucus stuck to their guns and stood up against TrumpCare, essentially because they wanted a simple repeal of ObamaCare, and TrumpCare was a compromise they couldn't swallow.

Politics is compromise.  That isn't news.  And Poe's position seems reasonable.  

Here's what's not reasonable.  President Bannon meeting with the Freedom Caucus and telling them "this is the bill, and you are going to pass it."  
Steve Bannon.  The guy who made a career out crucifying politicians who even looked like that might give a little ground that went against tea party principals.  Now that Bannon is running the country, he's singing a very different tune.  "Stand your Ground" is no longer number one on the political hit parade.  The new song is apparently "Stand By Your Man."

The problem is that Trump is not their man.  And when you are a minority elected president (in votes, not color), and your approval rating is about 37%, you're not exactly a man people flock to stand by.

Imagine that you join an online dating website and your profile says you enjoy onions, Taco Bell, and biting your toenails.  It would be unreasonable to expect a flood of flirts in your inbox.

We're Going to Have So Much Smoke, You'll Get Sick Of Smoking!
As the FBI investigation into the Russian attack on the U.S. election and possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives continues, we keep getting more smoke. So what's the latest?

Yesterday, Trump aide Boris Epshteyn, a Russian immigrant who played a prominent role in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and then was put in charge of White House television operations, quit. No reason given. 

Boris, best known for his media clown antics during the campaign, as well as long time internet troll of moose and squirrel, also has deep financial and business connections to Russian interests. 
According to the Palmer Report, Boris moderated a conference panel in New York City in 2013. Was the conference called "The Dawn of Conservative Politics?"  No, it was not.  It was called “Invest in Moscow."  The conference generated enough controversy, that NYC Mayor Bloomberg "disavowed its sponsorship" of it. Boris also has an interesting YouTube  link in which he offers Trump's Russian friends tips on how they can get their hands on more American money.  Because, why not?

If you are a conspiracy nut, or someone who follows the investigation into Trump's possible - probable - collusion with Russia, then you might conclude that the sudden exit of Boris might be related to Michael Flynn cutting a deal with the FBI.  Or maybe it's all  smoke and mirrors.

Bill Palmer lays out the case for why he believes Flynn has already cut a deal with the FBI to spill what he knows about the Russian contacts with the Trump campaign, before and after the election.  You can read the article HERE but I'll lay it out below.

1. We know that there are at least 4 Trump campaign advisers under investigation: Roger Stone, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, have all jumped up and said they want to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.  That's the committee that is being run by Trump's errand boy, Nunez.  So no surprise there. They will talk about how terrible leaks are, how they are patriots, and how Trump can turn urine into wine.  

2. Michael Flynn is not appearing for this particular circus act. 

3. Congressional hearings give everyone a chance to go before the cameras and make their case.  That applies to witnesses as well an congresspersons.  Flynn, a guy known for ranting at everything from television cameras to vending machines, has played ninja since resigning.  He hasn't said a word about anything.  No public statements.  But here's what he's done on the down low:
      a. retroactively registered as a foreign agent. This is an admission to a past crime. Why            do it?  You do it to try to get back onto the right side of the law.  And you only do that if          there is some sort of deal in place. 

 The Senate is holding it's own investigation.  We don't have a list of witnesses.  But if Flynn isn't on the list, it's probably because the FBI is asking the committee not to, as Bill Palmer says "trot out it's star witness in front of the cameras."

That's it for today.  I know I missed a lot of stuff.  The new announcement of withholding federal grants from sanctuary cities, Jared Kushner's new admission that he met with Russian diplomats at least three times during the campaign, Trump's golf scores, Ivanka's nepotism afterglow, and the administrations strategy of mimicking our Saudi friends, and installing his family to control our government, just to name a few; but I've got to save a little for the book.

It's 2:36 p.m.
Good morning!

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