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DAY 61: 

Trump still has not released his tax returns.  The chances of him doing so, however, increased a bit after yesterday's hearing.  Now that we know that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into, among other things, ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, it is possible that one intelligence committee or the other will subpoena them.  You and I may not get to see them, because we all know nothing ever gets leaked in Washington, but SOMEONE will.


FBI Director Comey flatly stated there is no information to support Trump's twitter lies and that there is indeed a criminal investigation that includes chasing down the allegations of collusion with Russia. The Democrats pushed too hard to get their narrative of collusion between Trump and Russia on the table. The Republicans took every chance to shift the focus of the hearing to investigations of leaks of intelligence information, and both parties failed to really, really drill down on the core issue: Russia's hacking of the election and what we can do to stop it in the future.

This hardest part to swallow, in my opinion, is how uncle Ralph doesn't care about any of this.  Until this election, Ralph was 25% Archie Bunker, 25% American Dad, 35% Swamp people,10% Klan and 5% African.  (He doesn't know about that last bit.  That family secret is buried and buried deep.  In other words, 95% of uncle Ralph hates those Ruskies.  I mean, the great prophet, Ronald Reagan, made Russia our bitch, and built a throne on commie bones. Uncle Ralph used to get hard watching Red Dawn, for Christ's sake. 
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"This is my rifle! This is - "  "No Jed, that's my GUN!"

But now, when we hare in the midst of Cold War II, where reality forces even the sleepiest citizen to accept the fact that Russia weaponized hacked information and committed an act of war designed to undermine the greatest democratic system in the world -- an attack that succeeded --  and Ralph could not care less.

That's the way it is.  You want to show him why he should, you'll have to purchase my upcoming book.

In the meantime...


Yes, that's all it is at this point.  But let's go over why this, unlike Trump's belief that Obama was born on the sun, that millions of illegals voted in the 2016 election, or that Obama left trained parrots throughout the White House that secretly fly to his bunker a few blocks away and tell him EVERYTHING, this conspiracy has more than a ring of truth to it.  Just ask Congressman and Democratic leader of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.  By the time Congressperson Schiff was done showing us all the smoke yesterday, he was up to almost two packs a day! 

1. Russia started hacking into government and campaign computers as early as 2015. 
2. They released all information that could and did hurt Hillary Clinton.  SPOILER ALERT: Putin hates her.
3. The now famous "drip" (not the golden drips, the other ones), helped Trump win the election, although no one is saying he wouldn't have won without it. (He wouldn't have).
All this is undisputed. Except maybe by Trump.  He just doesn't believe his beautiful Putin would do such a thing!

Okay, so Russia attacked our election, succeeded, and will do it again if they can.  Now for some smoke.

4. Several key people in Trump's campaign, and Trump himself, have or had ties to Russian interests.  That's not a crime.  It's a little unusual, but not a crime. Russia has an established history of using bribery, blackmail and a bunch of other stuff to influence other elections.  That doesn't mean they did it here though. 


5. July 2016. Carter Page a national security adviser in the Trump campaign, goes to Moscow with the Trump campaign's approval. He gives a speech criticizing the U.S. for being hypocritical regarding democracy and fighting corruption.  Because, why not? As set forth in the Steele Dossier, Page meets in secret with Igor Sechin. Igor is the CEO Rosneft, a massive energy company.  Igor is also ex-KGB and Putin's bridge partner on weekends. 
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Igor agrees to give Carter a brokerage fee on the sale of 19% of the company. Reuters has confirmed that the sale took place.  We don't know the purchaser or the amount of the brokerage fee paid.  

6. According to the Steele report, Russia offers Trump documents that hurt Clinton, and agrees to disseminate them through wikileaks, in exchange for a promise that a Trump presidency will 
    a. De-emphasize Russia's invasion of Ukraine; and
    b. Focus on criticizing NATO

Okay.  Time out.  This is in July 2016, so it seems odd that Russia would do all this on the longshot bet that Trump would win the election.  On the other hand, parts of the Steele report have been verified, and the Trump campaign did, in fact, de-emphasize Russia's invasion and did in fact focus on criticizing NATO. In fact, as early as last week, Trump criticized NATO with Angela Merkel at his side, as she struggled to keep her eyes from rolling up to the back of her head. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled conspiracy rant.

7. In July, Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort is at the Republican party convention, along with Carter Page.  Manafort has long had ties with, and been paid by "Pro-Russian Ukrainian Interests."  The Steele Reports says Manafort is the guy who told Carter Page to get his ass to Moscow and cut the deal. 

8. The Russian ambassador is also at the convention.  Because, why not? While there, the ambassador has a little visit with Carter Page, and two more Trump advisers.  One of them being J.D. Gordon, the guy who approved Page's trip to Moscow. 

9. After another round of 'spin the bottle,' Russian ambassador Kislyak meets with Jeb Sessions - our Attorney General who, after being caught lying about the meeting, has recused himself from any investigations involving the Trump campaign, Russia, or hobbits.

10., Then, after a round of burnt stakes and bad wine, the plank in the republican party that provided for lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine was removed.  Trump said he had nothing to do with that.  Manafort said no one in the campaign had anything to do with that.  

They were both lying. J.D. Gordon has admitted that he opposed the provision at the insistence of President Trump.  Remember, Trump is the guy who promised that Russia will never invade Ukraine, about a year after they had already invaded Ukraine.  I mention this only to highlight the apparent degree of disinterest and lack of knowledge our president has about any country.  The only thing Donald wants to know about foreigners is 'can they climb walls, and if so, how high?'

11. After the convention, after the removal of the Ukraine provision,  but still in July, the first emails designed to harm Clinton are released through wikileaks. We are now as certain as we can be that Russian intelligence was behind the hack.  The overt act of war starts here.  That is a given. The only question is whether Russia had help from our President's men in making it happen.

12. At this time, Trump publicly praises Wikileaks. He tells the world that he loves wikileaks, and he asks them, on camera, to release Hillary's emails if they have them. He makes the same appeal to Russia, telling them the media will love them if they do it.  Or some such nonsense. 

13. Aug. 8.  Roger Stone, A longtime Trump political advisor, and a loon, tells anyone who will listen that he is buddies with Assange (Wikileaks) and that we can expect an October Suprise!  In the same month, Stone predicts that Podesta's emails are next. He tweets:  “Trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel. #Crooked Hillary.”  He goes on: 

“I have total confidence that @wikileaks and my hero Julian Assange will educate the American people soon. #Lockherup. “Payload coming.” Two days later, Wikileaks releases its first batch of Podesta emails. The continues virtually every day until Nov. 8.  

14. Nov. 8.  Trump wins, everyone dies a little inside, and Trump makes Michael Flynn, his staunch campaign adviser, his  National Security Adviser.  We know now that Flynn:
  a. had secret talks with Kislyak and discussed lifting sanctions imposed on Russia for it's             cyber attack on America. This was in December.  Flynn then lied about it to VP Pence, 
      Trump found out he lied about this, and Trump did nothing for two weeks. He no doubt         would still be doing nothing, if Flynn hadn't been caught and his actions leaked to the             press.
  b. Flynn was also a paid foreign lobbyist for Turkey.  About 500 grand worth.  This was                illegal and he may or may not have disclosed it on his security clearance paperwork. 
   c.  Flynn had been paid by Russian TV to shoot the shit on one of their shows. 

SPOILER ALERT: So far, Trump has proven to be pretty damned lousy at extreme vetting.

    d. Trump fired Flynn, praised him and attacked the free press a/k/a enemy of the people.  He clearly was more angry at the press than his National Security Adviser's crimes. 

So, that's a lot of smoke.  If your eyes haven't teared up yet, I encourage you to read Adam Schiff's complete opening statement here: Schiff's Opening Statement

To date, Trump still has not criticized Putin for anything.  Even if we give the president the benefit of the doubt, and assume he is criticizing the entire world in alphabetical order, he's already on SNL.  Putin's turn should have come weeks ago.

That's it for today.  I'm exhausted.  If you can, become a blog follower.  There's a button on the right up there somewhere.  

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Good Morning!

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