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DAY 62: 

Trump has still not released his tax returns, and he remains the subject of a criminal investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia in hacking the 2016 election. In the spirit of polezniye duraki (useful idiot), I'll be posting Easter egg quotes throughout today's post.  See how many you can spot!

Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!
 “All I’m saying is that [Hillary] is under investigation by the FBI. Just pause and think about that. That’s not, that’s a pretty uncommon thing for a presidential candidate. And each and every week it just seems like there’s more information.”
          - Jeb Bush


The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) meets in Washington, D.C. today, where they will discuss human rights issues in the Americas, as they have every year since 1959.  The IACHR is nonpartisan.  Today's session will discuss human rights issues in Mexico, as well as the U.S. immigration policies and enforcement issues.  

For the first time ever, in the history of the commission, since 1959, the White House has withdrawn all participation from today's meeting.  

SNAPPLE FACT: The only thing dictators hate more than human rights, are photographers who capture their neck wattle.

Read the ACLU article regarding this HERE

 "Now look, I’m not here to badmouth the other Republicans, we have a good group of people running. At a minimum I can say this: None of them is a socialist. None of our candidates is under FBI investigation."

"Obviously, we all understand the importance of this presidential race. I would just ask everybody this: Can this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI? Think of the trauma that would do to this country."
                                                                                        -Sen. Marco Rubio

The Wall Street Journal, the liberal rag owned by the same hippies who own FOX, put out another FAKE editorial.  The editorial states that the President's continuous lack of "respect for truth" puts him at risk of being seen as a FAKE president.

This comes the day after new polls showing Trump's approval rating has skyrocketed, like an old N. Korean missile, to 39%.  

The WSJ points out Trump's lying highlights, including the lie that Obama had him wiretapped.  The paper compares the president's refusal to own up to his lie: "Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims."

Whatever you think about the WSJ, it is impossible to argue with their conclusion.  Our president's actions undermine his credibility with voters and with the world.  And when you have a president with little credibility, that is going to have a real, negative effect on his ability to get legislation done, and to rally the troops (figuratively and literally) to deal with any crisis that comes down the pike. 
HINT: N. Korea
            Russia incursions into Libya
            A terrorist attack in the UK
            Apprentice Ratings

"TV news devotes 4x more time to Trump controversies than Hillary’s. Gee, you’d think the guy was under an FBI investigation!"
                                              -Gov. Mike Huckabee


Tomorrow the House votes on the only abortion some Republicans seem willing to put up with in public - the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  Think of this like Trump trading in his hair for pancake batter.  I mean, why bother.

Trump is trying to negotiate a deal.  Not between Republicans and Democrats, but between Republicans and Republicans.  The tea party guys hate it, and the moderates hate it.  The guys in upper New York State don't hate it so much anymore, because they are getting more money for their voters.  In other words, the kind of typical political payoff that Trump swore he would put an end to.

As of this moment, the House doesn't have enough votes to pass the bill.  Republicans are in a bad spot here.  No one wants to vote for a bill that is going to put 24 million Americans off of health insurance, and then have the Senate kill the bill.  How do you explain that to your voters?  "Yes, I voted for a bill aimed at making your life harder, and yes, my fellow republicans killed the bill, but here I am, seeking your vote again. MAGA!"

At the same time, these same politicians are often representing districts that voted overwhelmingly for Trump.  So if they vote no, they risk real political fallout that will come with the president's wrath. This may include Trump stumping for their opponents in primaries, primaries that they would otherwise not have to worry about.

If the vote fails, this will be one deal that won't make it into Trump's next ghost written book.  
But don't worry, Trump fans, Bannon has already started to shift the blame to Paul Ryan.

"Running for POTUS with an FBI investigation. Who else could run for POTUS w/ such a scandal? Nobody."
                           - Dan Scavino Jr. (Trump's Director of Social Media)

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson planned on skipping a NATO meeting, which would mean he'd be meeting with Russia before he met with NATO.  This may have been a simple scheduling issue.  But because of Trump's repeated attacks on NATO, his inexplicable refusal to say a bad word about Putin, and the FBI criminal investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Putin, our allies and the rest of the world might reasonably be reading more into the scheduling snub.

Tillerson is skipping a NATO meeting in order to meet with China, then Russia.  So, China, NO NATO, Russia.  

Since this was reported, the State Dept. has gone into damage control mode, but the whole flap is a prime example of the WSJ's editorial warning that Trump has cried wolf too many times in his short stint as president, to be effective when the rubber meets the road. Perhaps, more accurately, we are starting to see that the president's words matter.

" Not if @HillaryClinton becomes nominee - probably tough to get excited aboutt someone under FBI investigation."
                               - Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary and Melisa McCarthy                                             impersonator.

From the Washington Post :   A Ukrainian lawmaker released new financial documents Tuesday allegedly showing that a former campaign chairman for President Trump laundered payments from the party of a disgraced ex-leader of Ukraine using offshore accounts in Belize and Kyrgyzstan.

In case anyone fell asleep during the last 61 days, that disgraced ex-leader is the guy who helped hand over Crimea to Putin and then fled to Russia before the Ukraine government could arrest him.


From the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics, The Associated Press has learned. The work appears to contradict assertions by the Trump administration and Manafort himself that he never worked for Russian interests.

Just another of smoking dot,  A huge, filthy, smoking dot.

"Hillary made history today:we've no[w] nominated someone under FBI investigation whom a majority of Americans says not trustworthy not honest."

"Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation, let alone two." https://

                                                                      -Kellyanne Conway (Counsel to President and                                                                          Home Shopping Network wannabe) 

"Dem voters forced to make an impossible choice between 1 candidate facing FBI investigation & another that’s a self-proclaimed socialist."

“This alone should be disqualifying for anyone seeking the presidency, a job that is supposed to begin each morning with a top secret intelligence briefing.”
                                                      - Reince Priebus   White House Chief of Staff

"I know it's important to keep religion out of politics, but Jesus Fucking Christ."                                                                                                                   -Adam Sifre

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