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DAY 100!!!! : Dementia and Amnesia!

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DAY 100: Trump still has not released his tax returns.  Up until yesterday, I was convinced his reasons for this were to prevent us from seeing his many financial ties to Russia and other foreign powers, and to prevent us from focusing on just exactly how extensive the president's use of public office for private gains really is. 

But, now I think the real reason Trump has not released his tax returns, is that he simply forgot where he put them.

Between his incoherent, rambling interview with AP (Click here) , and his drunken slurred regrets about winning, it's obvious that the president needs to be returned to the wild, where he can wander around Trump Tower, ranting at the escalators. 

 Back to the AP interview, for just a second, the strangest thing, IMO, was when Trump asked the interviewer if he/she would like a coke.  And it only became strange, when I read a report that the president recently had a button installed that, when pressed, summons a butler with a Coke for the president.  In other words, at that moment of the interview, when they were discussing things like health care, N. Korea and F-35 jets, our President wanted to show off his Coke button.  

Fun, fun, fun.

SOUTH KOREA: It's one of our closest allies. We keep our troops there. For more than 60 years, we've had a treaty with the country that says, if anyone hits you, we'll hit them back.  Now, imagine you live there.  Maybe you're a business woman, maybe you're a politician.  Whatever.  Right now, your country has a former president in jail and is gearing up for an election.  Some people running are pro-American, and some running are anti-American.  Some want to take a hard stance against N. Korea, and some want to take a softer stance.  That's a lot of stuff happening, right?  

A few days ago, N. Korea held a massive, massive artillery exercise.  The message was clear: "We can reduce Seoul to rubble.  And we lake big bang bang!"  Then it released a propaganda video showing missile strikes on D.C., then it fired a ballistic missile.  

Okay.  I think we can all agree that South Korea, has the right to be nervous.  But at least America has their back! 

Except:  Trump's reaction has been to:
1. Compliment N.Korea's leader for running the country at such a young age; &
2. Promised to scrap our trade deal with S. Korea. 
Basically, Trump decided to give a good, swift kick in the balls to any S. Korean political party that is pro-U.S. 


Yesterday, SplinkerNewsMax reported (on FB) that Pence was going to find himself in hot water, because he lied about vetting Flynn during the transition team.  Then Rachel Maddow stole my story, which I had stolen from Palmer Report, and expanded on it.  So today, we're stealing it back.  

This week, Sean Spicer, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are running further for the hills in order to put distance between themselves and the Administration's former National Security Adviser.  Before he was President Trump's main guy, he was candidate trump's main guy.  Flynn was with Trump, soup to soupy nuts.

Now we know that Flynn was a foreign agent for Turkey and Russia, taking large sums of money from both countries in violation of law.  Trump hired him anyway.  How could this possibly happen, you ask?  Why Obama, obviously. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA.  Trump, Spicer and Jeff Sessions all made the rounds this weekend, trying to blame Obama for Trump hiring Flynn, because Flynn received his last security clearance under the Obama administration.

Of course, the fact that Obama fired Flynn might have tipped off a more conscious president that the guy came with baggage.  The flip side of this argument is that the Trump campaign did NOT vet Flynn.  A strange defense for the extreme vetting president, but okay.   HOWEVER: 

1. Election Day:  Michael Flynn publishes an opinion in the Hill calling for the extradition of an opponent to the Turkish government, who lives in Pennsylvania and who Turkey's current authoritarian president blames for everything.  I mean, this poor guy is the Hillary Clinton of Turkey. Weird. But then

2. A few days later, news stories come out confirming that Flynn is lobbying for the Turkish government.  Let's say these stories start coming out around Nov. 11, 2016. 

3. By November 14th, we knew that Flynn was running a company that lobbied for foreign clients while Flynn was receiving classified intelligence briefings.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!

3. On Nov. 18th, Trump names Flynn as his National Security Adviser.  Everyone in the country who wasn't Mike Pence, start saying "WTF?"

4. THAT SAME DAY, Congress sends MIKE PENCE a letter, telling him what the rest of the country already knows. They even made sure the postperson delivering the mail was a man, so that Pence would be comfortable in taking it.

5. Flynn's own lawyers spoke to the Trump transition team and told him Flynn was working on behalf of a foreign government.

So, the transition team was alerted to the fact that Flynn was working for a foreign government by all the media, Congress, and Flynn's lawyers.  So, of course, there was no reason for Trump to investigate or vet Flynn.  I mean, nothing to see here, right?

6. On March 9, Mike Pence is interviewed on Fox.  On the show, he's told Flynn has filed with the DOJ as a foreign lobbyist.  Pence says "Let me say, hearing that story today was the first I heard of it."  Can I get an "LOL" brothers and sisters?

7.  Mike Pence was head of the transition team the entire fucking time.  Only after they fired Flynn, did Pence say he had never heard Flynn was working for a foreign government until March 9.

8. Incredibly, Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General, was asked "How the fuck did someone who was a paid foreign agent become your national security adviser?" Jeff Sessions said "they worked hard at vetting.  They did the best they can." "You don't catch everything."

HELLO??  It was on the fucking news and you were briefed on it by Congress and Flynn's own lawyers told you.

Pence and Sessions are lying.  They have to be.

9.  Yesterday, MSNBC confirmed that Trump's White House AND transition team did in fact vet Flynn.  So, BLAME OBAMA!  OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

10.  Trump KNEW Flynn was a foreign agent.  He hired him anyway.  He didn't care. And now they are lying about it.  Spicer said two days ago that they didn't run a background check.  If True, that's just beyond stupid.  

But it's not true.  He lied.  Sessions Lied.  Pence Lied.  Trump Lied.  

That's some way to cap off your first 100 days.  I guess during the next hundred, we're going to find out WHY they lied. 

Okay, I know this is a little disappointing for some readers, this being the big 100 day celebration of our journey into the abyss, but I'm going to end it here.  If I have time, I'll post later about Trump's 100 day contract with America, his complete failure to pass any legislation other than keeping the government going for another week, the failure to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the 1 page tax cut plan from the man who won't let you see his returns, the massive hypocrisy going into the establishment of an Ivanka charity Trust, and a bunch of other small poison pills.

But for now

Good morning!
It's 10:16 a.m.

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