Monday, May 1, 2017

DAY 102! The earth's still burning - er, turning!

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DAY 102: Trump has still not released his tax returns.  But that doesn't stop him from trying to sell tax cuts.  We already know, with 100% certainty, that the Trump family is using the office of the President to increase their personal wealth.  Yes, they may have other motivations, but greed and amassing wealth are clearly a component of the Trump presidency.  

Think of it like Climate Change.  You know, that thing that the EPA assured us is real, but as of yesterday, has disappeared from their website.  

We know that Trump corruption and greed play a part in the slow dismantling of U.S. democracy, but we just don't know how big a part it's playing.  

So, when Trump announces he wants to eliminate the alternative minimum tax, eliminated the federal estate tax, and reduce corporate tax, it's only natural to wonder how those tax cuts will help him, and how they will help us.  

SPOILER ALERT:  They'll help him, a lot.  Us, not so much.  Sorry uncle Ralph.  I know how much you hate the goberment and the taxman, but let's be honest.  You have three ounces of gold in a safe deposit box, and 200 gallons of spring water in a bunker.  Trump's tax cuts aren't going to help you.  

As far as Trump goes, you can assume that he stands to keep thirty to forty million a year more under his proposed plan.  And his spawn will probably save hundreds of millions when that final piece of KFC finally makes the president's heart explode and they descend on his estate. 

Okay.  Let's get back to RUSSIA!

If you remember, there are not at least five separate investigations currently underway which are looking into possible (probable) acts of collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin in the hacking of the 2016 election.  There's been some interesting buzz on the FBI side of it over the last few days.  

It is possible, and being reported, kinda, that at least two grand juries are in the process of being impanelled. According to the Palmer Report , Two sources - One democratic, one republican, "confirmed" there are two grand juries.

What does this mean? Well, as my old criminal law professor used to plagiarize, when it comes to grand juries, you can indite a ham sandwich. In other words, if there's a grand jury, then we can expect an indictment. 

There may also be a bonus indictement in the works, on the state level, under RICO.  That's being handled by the New York Attorney General.  We'll see. 

In other Russian News, Sebastian Gorka, a national security aide to Trump, is leaving the White House.  Sebastian is the guy who wore the pro nazi pin on TV, used to write about scary Radical Islamic Terrorists on an hourly basis for Breitbart, and appears every four hours on Fox TV to give his expert advice on terrorism (DESPITE THE FACT THAT THIS GUY IS A COMPLETE FRAUD, WITH ALMOST NO REAL EXPERIENCE).  

Well, something has happened that made him too toxic for Trump.  Probably his pro-Nazi ties, but who knows.  

FUN FACT:  Gorka was arrested for carrying a gun in Ronald Reagan Airport.  He copped a plea of "no contest" (means "I did it, but I'm not admitting it).  

That's about it.  Oh, there's no money for the border wall in the new, six month budget.  There's no defunding of Planned Parenthood. There's money for the military the NIH and clean energy.  

And there's the President's latest campaign speech (yes, campaign speech), where he viciously attacked the media, with lies.  

And just a while ago, the President said that the American Civil War didn't have to happen.  Trump apparently doesn't understand why there was a civil war?  Because, as the president said, and he actually said this, "people don't usually ask why there was a civil war."

I think it is apparent, to pro-Trump, anti-Trump, Republicans, Democrats, children, and pets, that our President is not mentally there.  Can we just all stop trying to sugarcoat the fact that Trump is not a rational person?

Last thing.  Health care.  Trump is lying about the proposed new plan, and he doesn't understand the proposed new plan.  He doesn't understand the current ACA act.  He doesn't understand the Civil War.  

He doesn't understand anything he hasn't heard over chocolate cake.  He doesn't learn, he doesn't want to learn, and there are a lot of citizens who don't care about that.

That's it!
It's 10:10 a.m.
Good morning!

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