Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 113: COVER UP!

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DAY 113: Trump has still not released his tax returns.  Someone needs to tell the president that expenses related to the dismantling of democracy are not tax deductible.

They are not the same thing.  Right now, for example, we know that Trump is engaging in a cover up, but we don't know what he is hiding.  Just like when Yates testified that Flynn had compromised himself and was open to blackmail, but did not go into his underlying actions, which were both troublesome and classified.  

Does that make sense?  It does? Can you please explain it to me?

And now we have:
the Comey dinner with Trump, 
the letter from the Deputy Dir. of the FBI, 
Trump's interview on NBC, 
Spicer hiding in the shrubs, 
Sandra Huckabee, Spicer and Pence all lying about the circumstances that led up to the firing of Comey, 
the Russian photo op with Trump, his shit-eating grin, and the Russian ambassador.


Okay.  until yesterday, the Trump story, the first one that no one in their right minds believed, was that he had fired FBI director Comey because of a letter the DOJ Deputy Director wrote, backed by the recommendation of AG Jeff Sessions, who is prohibited from weighing in on all things involving the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia, and/or Trump.  

Let's stick to facts, but only for this paragraph.  After part-time vampire Kellyanne Conway, grammar-killer Spicer, Trump SIth-lord Sarah Huckabee, and white walker Pence ALL trotted out in front of the cameras and assured the public that Trump decided to fire Comey after reading Rod Rosenstien's 

But then Trump came out and said, 'no, no, no, I would have fired Comey no matter what my Rod said.  

 Think about that.  Trump gives all his minions marching orders, then he goes on TV, cuts their legs out from underneath them, says Pence and Co. don't know what they are talking about, I was going to fire that showboating, Russia obsessed SOB no matter what.
Oh yeah, they also said that Comey had lost the confidence of the average FBI working Joe.  But the FBI Deputy Director McCabe testified yesterday that he fucking LOVED Comey, and that the Agency was behind him 100%. 

And now we have reporting from the N.Y.T. (no longer failing), that Trump arranged a dinner between him and Comey, that Comey didn't want to go but felt as if he had to, and that at that dinner, Trump asked Comey if he would by 'loyal' to the president.  Comey allegedly said he would be honest.  So Trump asked him again.  And again.  Eventually, Comey told the president that he could only promise to be honest, and that he would not be 'reliable.'

What happened at the dinner is in dispute.  What is not in dispute is that Trump had his people tell a lie, and a lie, and a lie.  Then he went on TV and let us all know they were lying.  

Incredibly, this is exactly what was set forth in the politically charged novel, "I'VE BEEN DEADER," a story written by SplinkerNewsMax investigator, ADAM SIFRE .  The novel, based on real events, both imagined and made up, centres around a power hungry president who values loyalty above reality, resulting in the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  

To be clear, no one at SplnkerNewsMax is suggesting that the country would be better off with a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE than with a Trump presidency, because that choice is obvious. At the same time, however, it's important to remember that our president fired the guy who was in charge of investigating him, lied about why he fired him, probably lied about being told he wasn't under investigation, had his surrogates lie about why he fired Comey, and lie about the importance of the investigation into Russia, and, in fact, is still not willing to admit that Russia hacked into Podesta's emails and weaponized them in order to influence the election in Trump's favor. 

But, before you go thinking that Trump is a thin-skinned maniac, who lashes out at anyone he thinks is acting against him, remember that the President just yesterday signed an executive order directing an investigation in to the non-existent 3-5 million illegal votes that were never cast and cost him the popular election.

There.  Now you can call him a thin-skinned maniac.

That's it!  Except for two quick things.  After last nights revelations regarding Trump's demand for a loyalty oath, his throwing Pence and Co. under the bus, and his admission that firing Comey had something to do with Russia, and that it would bring the Russian investigation to a conclusion a lot faster (Huckabee), the GOP isn't saying boo right now.

But I think the Republican Party is going to do the right thing.  Maybe their silence should be taken an a collective inhale, before they start speaking truth to power.  Hey, it's possible.

It's 8:36 am.
Good morning!

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