Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 131: Free World Ain't Free

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DAY 131: Trump still has not released his tax returns.  

The United States is no longer the leader of the free world.  In the last two weeks, President Trump:

Signed a 300 Billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia - the country responsible for exporting terrorism at an exponentially higher rate than Iran

Chastised NATO for not paying it's fair share, and pointedly refused to state the United State's commitment to Article 5 of the NATO alliance.  Article 5 basically states, if you attack one NATO ally, you attack all NATO allies.  It has only been invoked once, and that was to help the U.S. after 9/11.

Instead, he choose to lecture NATO,while standing in front of a 9/11 memorial, about having to pay their fair share.  He did not mention that the lion's share of expenses borne by NATO in the last twenty years, are due to our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  

Then he came home and attacked Merkel in a series of tweets, accusing Germany of unfair trade and other things. Germany is part of the E.U., in case anyone other then our President was wondering.  

Within the space of two weeks, we gave Putin almost everything he could possibly wish for: A real split in the 70 year strong NATO alliance, and a further weakening of the EU.  

Then, to put the cherry on the "America First" cupcake, Trump announced this morning that America will be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  

In the span of four months, we have decided to alienate our strongest allies, and offer our hand in friendship to the authoritarian leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt and the Philippines.  

We have congratulated leaders on their policies of extrajudicial murders of people accused of using and selling drugs, defended them against their acts of cyberwar in interfering in U.S. elections, and embraced them for their successful oppression of the press and opposition in their countries. 

As of today, it is crystal clear that the United States is no longer a champion for human rights, and that our president feels far more comfortable in dealing with dictatorships then democracies.  

"Fortress America" means that we are going to allow other power blocks to dominate the geographical and political landscape, at our expense. This is very good news for India, Russia and China.  

It is very bad news for anyone who believed America was doing the right thing, more or less, in its post WWII foreign policy.  It's also a potential disaster for trade.  

Finally, it's another giant step closer to the brink of no return, if you are someone who believes all the silly science that confirms man made climate change is real, is happening, and is accelerating faster than we thought. 

Pulling out of the Paris Accord doesn't mean we're going to stop investing in clean energy, so there's that silver lining, I suppose. All this is enough to drive a reader to CLICK HERE

In other news, RUSSIA.  But I'm too tired to talk about how quickly that noose is tightening around our president's neck.  Let's just say we have a president with plenty of undisclosed financial ties to Russian money, a son-in-law who tried to establish a communication network that would be hidden from our government (but not Russia's), dealings with Russian bankers who were under U.S. sanctions, the president's own attorney being investigated, and a host of other major, resignation worthy news that has broken in the three or four days since I unplugged.  

But I'm plugging back in! More on all this later today or tomorrow. 

For now, let the fact that the U.S. is no longer the leader of the free world sink in.  And remember this:

The original premise for WHY Russia colluded with the Trump campaign allegedly (they did),  was that Trump promised to divert attention away from Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea, and focus on the weaknesses and problems of NATO.  

Guess what?

It's 9:11 a.m.
Good morning!  

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