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JESUS H. CHRIST on a pancake.  This administration is exhausting me.  My fingers are bleeding form trying to put today's news in a short, easy to read format.  

Okay.  I guess it wasn't as hard as I thought.

Basically, this is what I think happened.  Flynn was compromised by the Russians and/or Turkey.  During the campaign, he used his poison tongue to whisper in Trump's ear.  
He taught Trump that our real enemies were our own intelligence communities, and Trump believed him.  That's why the White House is at war with the FBI and every intelligence agency there is. That's why Trump is committing a crime to cover up a crime that may not even exist. 

Let's get on with it.  

Day 124: Trump still has not released his tax returns.  But the pressure to subpoena them keeps increasing, thanks to Trump.  His administration is working in such a cloud of fear, suspicion and mistrust, that continuous leaking is all but assured.

1. Remember when Trump said he would create a blind trust, before he knew what a blind trust was, and then he said he'd turn over all his business to his children?  Remember when he promised that his business would turn over all monies received from representatives from foreign governments or foreign government business to charity?  That was his way of promising he would remain as ethical as president as he was as a business man.  Well, the Trump organization has now said, in writing, that complying with the Constitution is too hard, and they can't be expected to do it.

Yeah.  That's why everyone said you needed to put your businesses in a blind Trust, you sick orange twist.

2. Hey.  Remember when Trump guaranteed, 100% "Not 80%, but 100%" that he would negotiate with Carrier Air to make sure at least 1,000 people kept their jobs?  And remember when Trump negotiated a $7,000,000 tax break for Carrier, in exchange for keeping that promise.  And remember when Donald told us it worked?  

Well, Carrier announced that it will be firing 800 or so people from it's plant in July.  And guess where those jobs are going?  Did you guess Mexico?  Good!  Now, guess what Carrier is doing with the seven million dollar tax break.  Did you guess "not using it?"  Wrong answer.  They are using the savings to update the Indiana factory so that it becomes automated.  YAY!

3. Hey.  Remember when Jeff Session lied under oath about meeting with Kislyak, the Russian ambassador?  And remember when, after he got caught lying to the senate, he sent a letter saying "Oops.  I made a boo boo.  Let me clarify?"  And remember when he had to recuse himself from anything having to do with Russia and the Trump campaign?  And, remember when he got involved in firing FBI director Comey?  

Turns out, Sessions didn't make a boo boo.  He actually lied.  We know this because it was reported today that our Attorney General lied about the same meetings when he filled out his security clearance application.  Funny, right?  The attorney general - the guy in charge of our law, lied twice about the same meeting.  

4.  Hey, remember when Trump gave the Russians top secret information that Israel gave us.  And remember when he was in the oval office with the two men on the Russian side, most closely associated with the hacking of our elections?  And remember when Trump confirmed the information came from Israel, on TV, when he was in Israel?  

Well, looks like Trump did another 'oopsie' with this guy: 
Trump told Philippine president Duterte that we had two nuclear subs in the area because, why not?  

Someone was asked on TV if this was a problem, and their answer was something along the lines of "well, nuclear subs are hard to find."  I feel safer already.

5. The Republican candidate in tonight's special election in Montana, just assaulted a reporter. 

6.  Remember when Trump promised he wouldn't touch entitlements or medicaid, and that everyone would have access to health care?  Well, his budget calls for $800 Billion in Medicaid cuts.  Why? Because we need that money to fund the tax credits he wants to give the wealthy. Duh.

7.  I can't.  I can't keep going on.  It's too much.  The proposed budget calls for massive cuts in Medicaid,  killing food stamps, and a host of other safety net programs.  The CBO says 23 million will lose insurance and pre-exisiting patients will soon be paying exhorbitant premiums.  Yay.  Flynn is being subpoenaed, ignoring it, and now his companies are being subpoeaned.  Comey is getting ready to testify, but he won't provide his memos at this time, because special counsel wants to keep them under wraps, for now.  Sean Hannity is losing sponsors because he keeps pedalling a debunked conspiracy theory regarding the murder of Seth Rich, cats are sleeping with dogs (sorry Bill Murray).


That's it!  I know there are one or two bombshells I forgot to mention, but it's just too much.  

I'll try to figure it all out by tomorrow.

Good Morning!

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