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DAY 52 Of The First #144k Minutes of Trump

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Trump still has not released his tax returns, because RUSSIA. There's a double barrel shotgun pointed at the President right now. The first barrel is the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and it's continued involvement with President Bannon's public policy to "deconstruct the Administrative State.

The second barrel of that shotgun is the financial ties between Trump and Russia - the actual pressure points that are being used to load the first barrel.  And that's why Trump will never release his tax returns without a subpoena, and maybe not even then.  Despite his repeated promises to release the same.

THE PURGE!The morning after Fox's Sean Hannity promoted another conspiracy theory and called on Trump to purge the administration of anyone who worked under Obama, Trump started doing just that, by asking 46 prosecutors to resign.  45 submitted letters of resignation.  One did not.

Preet Bharara, the US Atty for the Southern District of New York, knwon as the scourge of Wall Street corruption, gangs, terrorists and cyber criminals wouldn't resign because Trump had previously asked him to stay.  But that was back in January 2017 b.h. (before hannity).  So President Trump fired him. Bharara built a reputation for hunting down intricate financial frauds, and spanking naughty hedge funds and giants of Wall Street.  You know, the guys Trump convinced us were in bed with Hillary.  The guys Trump promised to hold accountable because he would never take money from them.  The guys Trump now has stacked his administration with.  Those guys. 

SNAPPLE CRIME:  Bharara went hard agains Deutsche Bank for faulty lending practices.  Deutsche Bank is the one who laundered $10 Billion for Putin and friends, and the bank that Trump owed $40 million to, before a Russian oligarch purchased a property from Trump that put $60 million in profit in his pocket and allowed him to pay off Deutsche bank.  
So, if you're Wall Street, you had a fucking great weekend.  If you're anyone else, not so much.
It's worth remembering, that everything - literally everything - we know about Trump's ties to Putin is because of the media.  No FBI investigation results have been disclosed yet.  
Trump's involvement in removing the Ukraine plank from the GOP platform, Manafort's ties to Pro Putin Ukraine governments, his receipt of big money off the books from those guys, and the leaked mails from his daughter saying "you suck, Dad"; Attorney General Sessions' lies about his talks with Russia, Flynn's lobbying for a foreign nation, his ties with Russia and his conversations regarding lifting sanctions, Trump's strange computer link with a major Russian bank, Trump sending a campaign aide to Russia to discuss who knows what, the Steel dossier that is continuously being verified and concludes Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election, and on and on and on.  All of it is due to the media.  The free press.  
The institution that Trump is spending so much time trying to dismantle. From the "FAKE NEWS" campaign, to Melania's lawsuit against a British news site (designed only to put the paper out of business), to his campaign promise to loosen libel laws so that he can more easily sue the media.  
All coincidence, I'm sure.
It's so bad, the president doesn't want his name on it.  This coming from a guy who filed a trademark in China to make sure that only he can use the Trump name on massage parlours there. 
People like your uncle Ralph don't care about any of this.  They are not watching the news.  They've already turned their backs on past favorites, calling Greta Van Husen, Megan Kelly, Shepherd Smith 'traitors.'  Now they only tune into to Fox & Friends, Hanity and a bit of O'Reilly.  CNN? a bunch of libtards. New York Lyin' Times? fuhget about it.  
That's fine.  I mean, it's not fine.  It's scary as hell.  But it's fine.  They agree with a lot of Trump's policies.  They want a beautiful wall, they want a new military to rival the Emperor's Clone wars.  They are willing to sacrifice a lot of freedom to defeat terrorism.  That's all fine.  
I mean, it's scary as hell, but it's fine.
What is not fine, IMO, is to smile and nod at the dismantling of our State Department and attacks on the CIA.  No one, Republican, Democrat or even Jill Stein, can be happy about this.  This is a clear threat not only to American leadership in the world, but to the very idea of democracy as a viable form of government.  Between Trump's public rants, and America's clear suicidal tendencies to attack "others", gut the State Department, embrace Putin and attack it's own FBI, countries are no longer looking to us an example of a government that works.
And that's a problem.
It's 10:23 am
Good morning!

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