Monday, March 13, 2017

DAY 53: The first 144K Minutes of Trump

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President Trump still has not released his taxes.  His supporters don't care, and they don't care if he's using the office to skim a f few ten million here and there in wink-wink bribes every few weeks.  And they don't care if he happens to have cut a deal with Putin or the extent of his financial ties with Russia and other countries.  But Trump supporters are a minority.  The majority of the nation are not your uncle Ralph, who falls to sleep each night with Breitbart articles dancing in his head, dreaming of an America more white than tomorrow's blizzard.  For the rest of us, (SPOILER ALERT: the majority of people), it's a big deal.


The Congressional Budge Office ("CBO") is going to release it's assessment of TrumpCare today.  Two numbers that some people who aren't relying on Powerball Lotto are concerned about are: 1. The cost of TrumpCare and the amount of people that are going to lose health coverage because of it.  

Republicans are already finding ways to address these two problem numbers, so don't worry.  The easy fix is to convince you that the CBO numbers are rigged. So, if you're worried about losing healthcare, then you only have to close your eyes and "believe."  It's easy.  We've done it before.  If you need help, just ask your uncle Ralph to explain massive voter fraud to you again. 

TrumpCare faces a lot of problems from within the Republican Party.  Tea Party people are crazed over the fact that it isn't a total repeal.  They were elected on the promise that the ACA, expanded medicaid, pre-exisiting conditions, and all, would be repealed and the free market would take over.  Republicans who's states have clearly benefited in a big way from the ACA, are going to lose insurance.  So the more Trump leans toward a clean repeal, the more upset those Republicans get.

When Obama was president, it was easy to sign bills saying "BURN IT ALL," because Congress knew the bill would never be signed.  Now that they have a pussy grabber who is willing to sign anything, it's another story.

How big is the rift? HHS Sec. Tom Price said yesterday he believes that no one will lose health insurance under the new Bill.  Breitbart News, the site that co-president Bannon spewed forth from, said Tom Price's statement may be the "lie of the year."  The Lie of the Year for 2017 is going to have a LOT of competition.  Imagine that Godfather, Godfather II, The Sting, The Departed, and Forrest Gump were all nominated for best picture for the same year, and you have an idea of just what kind of whopper Tom Price just told us.

Defending her Sith Lord's statement that he had "Found out" that Obama had his dark tower tapped, KellyAnne Conway started talking about how people can spy on you now through your microwave oven (she really did) and that the spying on Trump by Obama could be a lot more widespread that simple wire tapping.  

By expanding and at the same time watering down her lord's accusation, Kelly implemented the next phase in worming a conspiracy theory into our fake news weakened minds. Now whenever a story breaks that a democrat squinted at Trump during the election, millions will yell "See? Trump was right!"

He wasn't right.  He is almost never right.  Our president is an habitual liar and, maybe worse, he is a person who habitually believes lies.  

I make a lot of fun about uncle Ralph, and I hope that some of what you have been reading here will help you deal with him, and give you comfort when you argue with him.  But we cannot forget that, right now, this is uncle Ralph's world.  And in this world, our reliance on judging people like KellyAnne and Trump on what they say on camera, instead of what their words mean in their heads, means you are unamerican.


If you think that means she's a beacon for women's rights, super.
That doesn't change certain facts.
It doesn't change the fact that TrumpCare is going to defund planned parenthood. 
It doesn't change the fact that TrumpCare seeks to get rid of the maternity coverage requirement.  
It doesn't change the fact that her father is president and that he is on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women.
It doesn't change the fact that Trump's cabinet placed second in last years white men's choir competition.
It doesn't change the fact feminism for Ivanka is CLEARLY a method to sell pocketbooks, dresses and whatever other chic business attire she can earn a buck off of.


It's due today.  The House Intelligence Committee told the Justice Dept. to put up, or shut Trump up, and they told them to do it today.  We'll see.

The latest on the Russian collusion with Trump, Roger Stone admitting he communicated with Guciffer 2.0, the name of the Russian hacking person/team/whatever that hacked into Podesta's emails.  This on the tail of the country learning that Trump's National Security advisor was lobbying for Turkey during the campaign and post election.  

That's it for today.  Make sure you follow the blog if you don't want to miss a single, fun-filled day.

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Good morning!

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