Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Okay.  A few things we need to know.  
1. Rex is your current Secretary of State.  
2. He is the closest American friend Putin ever had or paid for.  
3. He used to be the CEO of a small energy concern called EXXON.

4.  The New York Atty General has been investigating Exxon, focusing on whether Exxon mislead investors over climate change. 

Okay.  Now. When you sue someone, you are entitled to request documents.  They are required to provide documents, unless they can assert some sort of legal privilege or gobblyguck.  

Exxon has been stonewalling on it's obligation to produce documents as requested.  YAWN.  

But there has been some compliance.  Among the documents provided were about 60 emails from a "Wayne Tracker." For some reason - I can't imagine why - Exxon and it's counsel failed to disclose that "Wayne Tracker" is an email account of Rex Tillerson. 



Rex Tillerson, while CEO of Exxon, used a "secret alias email account" to discuss issues including climate change, that he didn't want his name as EXXON's CEO to be associated with. 

Why do you care?  Because, among other things, Rex Tillerson now has the power to negotiate an exit from the Paris climate agreement.  When he was under oath, Tyrannasorus Rex refused to answer uncomfortable questions like "Hey Rex, did you ever downplay or bury climate change research when you were giving Putin oil-lubricated handys as Exxon's CEO?"

We don't know yet what Rex discussed in his shadow emails.  We only know that Exxon has tried to hide this fact from the NY Attorney General.  Oh, and we know that there are at least 34 other shadow accounts that were used by other Exxon executives.  

I wonder what they talked about?  I wonder if Wayne Tracker might have said things that Rex Tillerson disagreed with about climate change and other interesting topics.  

I also wonder why Rex is going (went?) to Asia and not taking the press pool with him? But that's another issue.  

Except it isn't.  Because the State Dept. has essentially gone dark.  It is not doing its job, and not taking steps to fix that situation.  Just last week, the foreign minister from Mexico came to the White House and the State Dept. DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT.

I'm not a president.  I don't know big words or how to do great, great things (#MAGA). I know only two things: 

1. "I've Been Deader" is a near perfect blend of horror and comedy, and available for purchase on Amazon; and

2. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

When it comes to foreign policy, the U.S. has two big ass hammers.  Our military, and our State Dept.   

Lots of things happen in the world, even after the Bachelor season ends.  For example, there's a guy running around in North Korea with worse hair (arguably) than our president's, and he is threatening nuclear war.  There are lover's spats between Iran and Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the U.S., Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and everyone.  That's a lot of nails, and just off the top of my head.  Some of these nails might be easier to pound with the State Department hammer: through diplomacy etc.  

But your State Department is dying.  President Bannon has already beat the shit out of it.  It's gone dark. It's people have been fired and Trump wants to slash the budget by 37%.  Rex is apparently okay with that.  He hasn't said boo.  Not including his confirmation hearing, he has probably said less than 1,000 words publicly.  That's not verified but I'm betting it's pretty accurate.  When Rex was in Europe recently, addressing EU concerns, he spoke a total of 50 words.  


Okay.  That's enough for today.

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