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DAY 55: The First #144K Minutes of Trump

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DAY 55: Trump has still not released his taxes.  At least, he won't admit releasing them, and I hope he's telling the truth on this one. 

As some of you may have heard, Rachael Maddow showed the world two pages from Trump's 2005 tax returns.  Not much there.  Trump paid $36 million or so.  So we know he's a good citizen.  

There's an idea floating around that maybe Trump arranged for the release of the two pages himself. The timing is a bit suspicious, as this story distracts from the Putin/Trump love connection and President Trump's accusation that Obama illegally wire tapped Trump's junk.  But let's hope it was an honest to god leak.  

QUICK RECAP :  Trump refuses to release his tax return, and has made up various reasons (a/k/a lies) to explain why.  The one we all remember is that he's under audit and he'll release them when the audit is over.  That's a whopper.  People, many people I believe, perhaps more than many, many, I'm told by many people, voted for Trump with the understanding that he'd eventually release his tax returns.  After all, Mr. Trump is not like other corrupt politicians.  He has stated (a/k/a lied) repeatedly that he is not beholden to big money or special interests.  And when he releases his tax returns, we'll all be able to verify that.

Then he was elected and said "no one cares.  They voted for me.  Fuck off."  

Trump's word is so meaningless, that Trump himself just assumes we know whatever he says is a lie. When he said "no one cares," I think at that moment, it didn't even occur to Trump that when he'd previously promised to release his returns, some people might have taken him at his word.

Yesterday's big revelation wasn't so big. We need to see who Trump owes money to, and who pays him money. Until then, every decision Trump makes concerning small things like the economy foreign aid, tax reform, etc. must remain suspect.  In other words, every time the president speaks, the entire country must continually ask themselves "Is he doing this for me (country) or for his business interests?"  

The only way we can begin to feel comfortable in NOT asking that question, is if we have Trump's complete tax returns.  That's basically why every president from kicking and screaming Nixon, to scandal-free Obama, have released their returns.  And that reason has never been more urgent than with this current businessman/president.  

THE SILVER LINING: If people are willing to risk so much to leak the tax info., it suggests that someone thinks it's important enough and that they will do it again.  

The CBO says the plan means 24 Million lose health insurance over 10 years (14 million in one year). Sean Spicer says the CBO is useless, and that figuring out how many people may or may not lose insurance is hard.  It's a shame we don't have some sort of nonpartisan budget thingy to do that kind of stuff.

Tea Party republicans hate the plan because it doesn't go far enough.  Republicans who have tasted the sweet, forbidden nectar of medicaid expansion, think it goes too far. Everyone knows if the bill makes it to the senate, it will die there, and no one wants their name on a bill that says "fuck off" to 24 million, mostly older people (a/k/a 'voting base'), just to have to killed.  

Lindsey Graham says the party shouldn't do anything if they can't do anything right, and let ObamaCare die a natural death.  Then they can pass meaningful legislation, barring the impending apocalypse.

UPDATE: The war between Ryan and Bannon continues.  Yesterday, Bannon, through Breitbart, released audio take of Ryan saying he would not support Trump in the future (back before the election).  Everyone knows the audio was released as part of a strategy to blame Ryan for RYANCARE's failure.   Today, Ryan told anyone who would listen that President Trump helped draft TRUMPCARE.

Okay Trump.  The ball's in your court. 

Iowa Republican Congressional Douchebag Steve King, speaking on race, said "we can't restore civilization with somebody else's babies."  Then he went on radio later and wished for a race war between blacks and hispanics before whitey becomes a minority. Chances are, if uncle Ralph emailed you yesterday, it was about what a great guy Mr. King really is. 
 Make no mistake, in Rep. King's world:
If you are Hispanic, you're a spic.
If you are black, you're a nigger
If you are arabic, you're a sand nigger.

Mr. King isn't afraid to call a spade a spade, so we don't have to be afraid to call him what he is.  A race-baiting, racist pos.  Republicans have come out against King's statements, but that's not enough. They should kick his ass to the curb.

So, remember and keep your eyes open to see how and who reacts when King runs for re-election, and what committees King stays on or is invited to. 

The FBI Guy is supposed  to let us know today whether or not there is an investigation into Trump and Russia, into Russia hacking the election, and responding to Trump's Twitter assertion that sad and sick Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower.

We'll see.

UPDATE: The Republican and Democratic chairpersons of the House Intelligence Committee announced today that Trump is full  of shit, saying they have seen no evidence to support Trump's tweet that "SICK" Obama wiretapped Trump.

Jeb Sessions flatly said "NO" when asked if he had briefed or spoken to Trump about the wiretap issue.

And yes, Rep. Nunez, we are going to take Trump's tweets literally, and yes, as you said, the president lied.

One year ago today, 8 months before the election, Ben Carson told reporters that he endorsed Trump because, even though there were others he thought were better, Trump promised Ben a job. This was candidate Trump's first clear, illegal action.  Congratulations to Ben and Don.  I remember when they were growing up, oh Lord how those two fought.  But the brothers from different mothers never lost faith in each other's greed.

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