Saturday, April 8, 2017

DAY 79: Something Smells Fishy, and it's Syria!

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DAY 79: Trump has still not released his tax returns.  So we still don't know what extent Trump is beholden to foreign money.  Does he owe Russian banks? (Yes)  Does he receive income from foreign entities? (Yes).  This all adds to the inescapable conclusion that our president has no credibility and because of this, everything he does is suspect.  Which brings us to 

Like the rest of the country, I'm incredibly hung over today after celebrating President Trump's patriotic response to the butcher of Syria.  Assad is an animal who launched chemical weapon attacks on civilians.  Maybe.  But here's what bothers me.

Assad only maintains power for as long as he has Russia and Iran backing him.  Actually, Assad remains ALIVE for only as long as he has Russian and Iranian support.  If he loses this, he's deader than a Lindsey Graham presidential campaign.  

Russia, Assad's literal lifeline, brokered an agreement in which Syria agreed to get rid of all of it's chemical weapons.  I think this was in 2012 or 2013.  Assad seemed to have complied, giving over 1,300 tonnes of Sarin gas.  Assad has no reason to make Russia look bad.  For all intents and purposes, Assad IS Russia.

Why then, would Syria launch another Sarin gas attack that could only leave Putin with egg and shit on his face?  It seems only an idiot would believe Russia didn't know about the attack.  And only an idiot would believe that Russia hadn't greenlighted the chemical strike. 

But why would Russia do that?  

Right now the pentagon is investigating what Russia knew.  Once it establishes that Russia knew, I assume it will move on to investigate why Russia allowed it.  The answer to that question may very lead, as almost everything Russian does these days, to Trump.  

A real conspiracy nut would say Trump and Putin planned the whole thing out to deflect from the current investigations into Trump's collusion with Putin in stealing the 2016 election.  That would explain the almost complete ineffectiveness of the missile strikes (the airstrip and jets have already flown missions and attacked the same areas that the chemical attack hit).  But I'm not a conspiracy nut.  I don't know exactly what happened or why.  

But that may not matter in the end.  If Russia ends up taking a lot of heat for the chemical attack, what do you think Putin will do.  How can he possibly retaliate?  Can you say "wikileaks"?  I think that yesterday's attack started a nice little domino game. Click click click click.

FUN FACT: Trump's financial disclosure forms show that he owns stock in the Rayathon, the company that makes Tomahawk missiles.  Yesterday, the company's shares increased in value by over one billion dollars!  This is not the first ethical crisis Trump has faced, but it's still doosey.  A perfect example of how we can't trust our president's motives in anything he does, as long as he withholds tax returns and fails to put his assets in a blind trust. 

Jared hates Bannon.  Bannon hates the Jews. Therefore Bannon hates Jared.  And he's not the only one. Go on twitter and search #fireKushner.  Trump's nationalist, zionist hating base are pissed off.  They want Jared fired!  Will Trump put family ahead of hatred and risk losing the base that helped him in office, or will he double down and finally give Bannon the boot?  

Roger Stone appared on nutjob Alex Jone's InforWars to say that Jared and Ivanka are cucks, traitors and pushing Trump away from his nationalist agenda.  This is interesting.  Alex Jones is one of the lunatics Trump raptly listens to on a regular basis.  He's thanked Jones in the past for all his support.  What will he do now that Jones is lumping Trump's son-in-law in with aliens taking over the government and fake moon landings?  Who Knows??  Ask uncle Ralph.


Kushner has yet to detail to the federal government all of his foreign contacts, a condition of receiving his top secret security clearance. (CNN). Yet he's in this picture - a recreation of the famous picture of the Obama war room - while we were launching a super secret missile launch against Syria. Go Figure.  

I'll never forget the first time Trump said that maybe South Korea and Japan need to become nuclear powers, because the U.S. is tired of carrying their water.  Thus opined the man who didn't know what the nuclear triad was, and didn't feel it was worth learning about.  I remember my uncle Ralph saying "don't worry. Trump says stupid things but he doesn't mean them.  Except for the wall.  That fucker's going to to be 100 feet tall and gold plated."  

Well uncle Ralph, all I can say is "you fucking idiot."  Yesterday the Trump administration said it would not rule out putting nuclear weapons in South Korea.  I bet that made China happy.  I mean, China is gnashing it's teeth over the U.S. placement of THAD anti-missile systems in the theatre.  I'm guessing nuclear weapons won't sit well with our major trading partner.

It's a good thing we have a president who knows how to develop a strategy and thinks before he acts. 

That's it for today!  Tomorrow, let's talk about our technical illegal act of war in Syria and what Congress needs to do about it.  

It's 2:36 pm.
Good morning!

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