Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DAY 110: Hey Hey, Ho Ho.

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DAY 110Trump still has not released his tax returns. The president and his family continue to be entangled in ethical violations and conflicts of interest on a daily basis. Over the last several days, we heard reports that Trump never had to worry about financing for his golf resorts, because Russian banks were always happy to invest in him.  Then we heard that Kushner's family was in China, trading EB-5 visas for half-million dollar investments in his company, and that according to their slide show, President Trump is a good guy to know when you want to buy citizenship. Yay.

INFORMATION SICKNESS: A debilitating condition that occurs when a person is exposed to so much information, they fail to process any of it and either self-medicate or binge watch Project Runway or The Bachelor. 

Well, I'm guessing their rating are about to go through the roof.  Yesterday we learned....

Before Sally Yates and Clapper even finished their pre-testimony Denny's Plate specials, the news reported that President Obama had warned President-Elect Trump about Flynn a few days after the election.

And before that, President Trump decided to give witness intimidation a shot. Tweeting "Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Counsel."

The president, of the United States, tried to rattle a witness that was scheduled to testify before Congress about investigations that involve the President, his administration, and collusion with Putin in the hacking of the 2016 election.  

Sean Spicer came out and stuttered his way though an explanation that no on in their right mind really believes, saying Obama wasn't really being serious and that it was the Obama administration that gave Flynn security clearance in 2016.  

Spicer must have forgotten that Obama had already fired in Flynn in 2014, and maybe no one bothered to tell the Trump administration that there is a whole other level of vetting that every administration does to people who want to hold positions like, say National Security Adviser.  

Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general, testified that she met with W.H. Counsel twice about Flynn.  And spoke to him on the phone once about it.  Based on her testimony, the White House was essentially told Flynn was under investigation by the FBI, and that Flynn's actions had compromised him, making him open to blackmail. 

So Trump knew Flynn was compromised, but didn't bother to fire him until the Washington Post made the news public 18 days later. 

We still don't know what Flynn's actions were.  Were they more than the known conversations he had with Russia regarding lifting sanctions? Maybe. 

Republicans were not interested in Flynn, Russia or collusion.  They were much more interested how the public found out about Flynn, Russia and collusion.  Or anything else, for that matter.  They did the president's bidding and asked Sally if she leaked any information.  She didn't.  Then there was an exchange between Ted Cruz and Sally Yates, where Ted, a man who's complete lack of social life forced him to study law 10 to 12 hours a day, bent over and let Sally Yates administer a three minute verbal spanking.  

After this exchange, Ted got up and left the hearing, needing to be alone with his thoughts, I suppose. 

At the same time, the DOJ was before the 4th Circuit arguing that the ban on Trump's travel ban should be lifted, Trump was tweeting how the real story that the FAKE media wasn't talking about was the leaks and that Russia is a made up place found only in old movies and CNN, GOP congressmen were running away from reporters who were asking them if they read the healthcare bill, Trump attempted to distract us by indicating he might be seriously enlarging the American presence in Afghanistan, NY Rep Chris Collins admitted that he didn't know about the part of the TrumpCare bill he voted for which will cost New York billions, and Steven Segal was banned from the Ukraine for five years!  

Okay, Uncle Ralph. Let's lay our cards on the table.  Your president is a disaster and, very likely, compromised himself.  You know it, we know it, Segal knows it.  

Our president is unable to shape immigration policy because everything he said as a candidate makes us conclude that his travel ban is a Muslim ban.  In fact, his own webpage said as much as late as yesterday.  
He failed to vet Flynn or, if he did, he didn't care.  It's obvious he knew what Flynn was doing, just as it's obvious Pence was lying when he said he had no idea until the Washington Post story.  

Now, when the President has absolutely no credibility, he's making noise about jump starting the war in Afghanistan.  Is this an actual national security issue, or is it just another Trump distraction issue?  It's impossible to know the answer to that.  Our president continues to amass wealth by exploiting public office and engaging in shameless nepotism. He spends almost all of his free time attacking the free press. His ties to Russia and foreign money are too numerous to recount here (Manafort, Flynn, Carter Page, Deutsche Bank, Sec. of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Sec. of State Tillerson, Roger Stone, praise of wikileaks, refusal to say Russia influenced the election, China's granting of trademarks to Trump and Ivanka, Kushner meeting with sanctioned Russian bankers/criminals and failing to disclose it, Kushner's sister selling Visas in China, UAE greenlighting Trump's golf resort the week after the failed Yemen raid, and on and on and on and on).

Every action Trump takes becomes an ethical conflict, or at least raises legitimate questions over his motives. If you are a young man or woman, you would have to be out of your mind to go fight in any place this guy tells you to go.

Trump has to go.  There is no way at this point that he can effectively protect the homeland. He has hamstrung himself on foreign policy and immigration policy. 

That's it!
It's 10:36 a.m.
Good morning!

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