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DAY 112: Trump has still not released his tax returns.  Someone needs to tell the president that expenses related to the dismantling of democracy are not tax deductible. 

Comey's Russian Dressing Down: 
I don't even know where to go with all this. In my mind, everyone knows exactly what is going on, but then I read stuff by my uncle Ralph and I realize that a lot of people don't have even a basic grasp on the underlying facts. For example, in response to Comey's firing, Uncle Ralph sent me an email saying the real crime is the 'unmasking,' and that 'crooked Hillary' was stupid enough to allow her server to get hacked.  I told Uncle Ralph that unmasking is not a crime, it's an internal process within the intelligence community that is done all above board.  Then I told him that Hillary's email server was not hacked and that he's thinking about the DNC and Podesta emails. 

What did Unlce Ralph have to say about that? 
Anyway, it's obvious Trump's excuse for firing Comey - that the FBI director was too mean to Hillary - is bullshit.  

In the last 24 hours, we are learning that Trump fired Comey because he's pissed that the story about the Russia investigation is being discussed in the media, and that Comey testified that there is no evidence to support Trump's "Obama wiretapped my 'See and Say'!"
Let's review a few interesting facts:
Comey was in Los Angeles giving a speech to up and coming field agents, when the TVs behind him flashed the news story that he was fired.  

We are learning that a few days before being fired, Comey had asked the DOJ for more assets to help with the investigation.  The DOJ denies this (they're lying).  

Trump originally said that his reason for firing Comey on Tuesday, were letters that he read from the Deputy A.G. and Jeff Sessions earlier that day (or maybe Monday.  I don't remember).  

Then Sean Spicer hid in a White House hedge, and Sarah Sanders Huckabee said that Trump began losing confidence in Comey back in July, when he started flubbing the investigation into Hillary's emails. 

Then the media played about nine hours of footage where Trump and Sessions praised Comey for how he handled the Clinton email investigation.

Then Hillary Clinton, in an exclusive interview with SplinkerNewsMax, said "You have got to be fucking kidding me." 

Then people started looking at the part of Trump's letter that bizarrely stated that Comey told him three times that he wasn't under investigation.  Then the country went "LOL."

Then Trump met with the Russians, didn't let the American press in, let the Russian press in, and when the Russian's posted the pictures on twitter, Trump looked like an idiot.  Not a bigger idiot, because that would be impossible.  Just an idiot.

That was pretty much yesterday.  Except for his meeting with Henry Kissinger for a photo up, while the entire country was in the middle of comparing Trump to Nixon.  Oh, and Putin appearing in a hockey uniform and saying it was silly to think Russia had any opinion on the firing of the guy who was investigating the Russian cyberwar on the 2016 election.  

Okay.  Stop.  My head hurts.  Now there's talk about special prosecutors, independent commissions, and a lot of other stuff.  Here's my two sentence take on Trump's Russian collusion:

1. The scandal is a lot worse than Watergate.
2. But we're unlikely to get our hands on the smoking gun, such as recorded conversations.

FUN FACT: Michael Flynn is or has been served with a subpoena (because he has refused to produced requested documents), McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI is testifying on capital hill (because Comey ain't around).  Comey may be testifying Tuesday.  We'll see. 

 That's it for now.  I'm going to try to mediate and then write a coherent history of what we know about the Russian investigation.  

That's it! for now.
It's 9:59 am.
Good morning!


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